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Field of Dreams

On a quiet Saturday afternoon in a secluded pocket of open land in Picture Canyon, a light breeze began picking up strength as the afternoon progressed, sending in banks of dark gray clouds from the Southwest. On a fenced piece of land, a group of younger workers leaned low over shovels and concentrated intently on […]

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Preparing for New Hotel in the Heart of Flagstaff

Across from Wheeler Park in the heart of historic downtown Flagstaff, a team with heavy earth-moving equipment made short work this spring of demolishing three non-historic buildings. By mid-April, a huge gap in the urban landscape had developed, consisting of multiple parcels, including a half block north and a quarter of a block south of […]

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Tusayan Feeling Left Out of Flagstaff Discussion

A recent resolution by the Flagstaff City Council opposing Tusayan’s plans for development has left Tusayan officials scratching their heads. Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan and Town Manager Will Wright said they were never invited to participate in the conversations about the resolution, which they found odd since the issue is centered right in their backyard. […]

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Searching for Water

Is Flagstaff in danger of running out of water in the near future? What about the Verde Valley area? “It depends on who you talk to, and about what kind of water resources,” said Erin Young, City of Flagstaff water resources manager. “We don’t have an issue with water for the City of Flagstaff. We’re […]

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Give Your Sweetheart a Winter Wonderland

Whether it’s a first date, a new experience together, or couple time in nature, the Nordic Village can take away that Valentine’s Day pressure and offer a memorable experience in the snow-blanketed forest that will make you laugh, give you something to talk about and burn up enough calories so you can have that red […]

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Considering Flagstaff’s Water Rates

Every five years, the Flagstaff City Council reviews the city’s water rates, which fund the city utility’s daily operations and capital projects such as replacing aging water lines. Here are some important points to consider:   With tiered water rates, which reward customers who use water efficiently and discourage waste, Flagstaff residents have done a […]

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Dad Camp

Daddy Boot Camp Training Men to be Fathers

Change your newborn’s diaper. Check! Assemble the colorful hanging crib toy. Check! Lean close over your baby’s face, make eye contact and smile. Check! Repeat back the first sounds they make, “Pa-pa, Ma-ma, Ba-ba.” Check!      Hold, bounce and cuddle your baby. Check! Okay, so you are a new dad, just learning the ropes. It is […]

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Flagstaff – America’s First STEM City

“You can’t get a cup of coffee in Flagstaff without bumping into a scientist,” joked Ira Flatow, National Public Radio Science Friday host broadcasting from the 2011 Flagstaff Festival of Science. Indeed, Flagstaff is full of scientists, techies, engineers and mathematicians. But how to tap this brainpower to support local schools where students often turn […]

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Flagstaff’s Dynamic Changing Restaurant Scene

Former Phoenix Suns player and coach Dan Majerle is renovating the historic building on the corner of Route 66 and San Francisco Street that previously housed the Painted Desert Gift Shop. The target date for the opening of the fifth Majerle’s Sports Grill (pronounced Marley’s) location is Sept. 1. Managing partner A.J. Sulka started working […]

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