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Entrepreneurs Choosing Mobile Platforms

In Flagstaff’s restaurant scene, there are new faces on the block, and some of those new faces are changing their blocks from week to week. They’re joining some of the seasoned favorites, like the Hot Dog Guy, whose colorful umbrella is as much a part of downtown Flagstaff as the tables at Late for the […]

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What Can You Do? What Can You Be?

In the 1990s in grad school, a friend of mine was working on a project to develop a non-monetary based measure for a nation’s well being. Many had long questioned GDP as an adequate measure of economic progress or quality of life. I lost touch with my friend, but retained my interest in hers and […]

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FBN recently spoke with Joe Bodin.  He is the lead Website Designer and President of Flagstaff, Inc.   His business specializes in website design and internet marketing. Bodin does his work for clients in his home-based office.  Not long ago, he started Flag Tech Talk, helping individuals and businesses who want to learn more […]

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