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Fighting the Current of Consumer Spending and Debt

It appears the economic woes of recent years haven’t led to a whole lot of belt-tightening at home. According to the Federal Reserve’s latest statistics, Americans carry $2.4 trillion in unsecured debt. That includes credit cards and personal loans. By itself, the average credit card debt per cardholder is hovering around $6,000. The numbers might […]

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Of Course!

Whenever colleagues from abroad tell me they are planning a trip to the east coast, I urge them to add Arizona as a detour destination. “We have the Grand Canyon,” I tell them. “If this is your only trip, you can’t leave without taking one look.” Those who make the trek are eternally grateful. There’s […]

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Captain, May I ?

Remember the game we all played as kids, where to make a move, you had to wait for direction and then ask for permission? It seems like a lesson many of us learned well enough to carry into our adulthood and professions. But recently, a friend shared that she and her husband will be following […]

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Work–The Gift That Keeps Giving

If you missed Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin (Penguin Books), when it was first released last June, there’s still time to make it part of your January list of resolutions. In fact, as our economy hiccups back to life in the new year, and employers realize it is okay to start hiring again, Godin’s book offers […]

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