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Phoenix Forbes Ranking Good for Northern Arizona

Phoenix is likely to become one of this country’s next boomtowns, according to Forbes Magazine and Joel Kotkin’s article, “What Cities Are Best Positioned to Grow and Prosper in the Coming Decade?” Out of 52 of the largest metro areas in the United States that were evaluated and assessed, Phoenix ranked ninth. Being included on […]

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Several Factors Contributing to Mixed Tourism Figures

Tourism seems to be picking up across the country and in the state of Arizona, following a 2009 crash related to the economy. But some aspects of Flagstaff’s tourism appear a bit slower to catch up. Nationally, according to the Arizona Office of Tourism, hotels are doing a little better than they did last year. […]

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What Can You Do? What Can You Be?

In the 1990s in grad school, a friend of mine was working on a project to develop a non-monetary based measure for a nation’s well being. Many had long questioned GDP as an adequate measure of economic progress or quality of life. I lost touch with my friend, but retained my interest in hers and […]

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Rural Arizona Seeking Autonomy in Redistricting

The political landscape of Northern Arizona could change drastically as soon as November of this year, when the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) announces its final plans for the redrawing of both Arizona’s legislative districts and U.S. Congressional district boundaries. And to meet the requirements of the Arizona constitution, the city of Flagstaff may have […]

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Flag 40 Encouraging Redistricting Participation

Redistricting is the redrawing of legislative and congressional district lines following the decennial U.S. Census. The lines are redrawn so that districts are of very nearly equal population as required by the Arizona and United States Constitutions. There are 435 members of congress whose districts are apportioned among the states by population.  Arizona currently has […]

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Pearce Faces November Recall Election

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has announced a November 8th recall election for Senate President Russell Pearce.  “Today, in accordance with state law, I issued an order calling a special recall election. This action is mandated under ARS Section 19-209. “Under Arizona law, the Governor must call a special election once the Secretary of State’s Office […]

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Celebrating Independence in Arizona and Throughout U.S.

“It was 235 years ago today that the United States of America declared its independence and our republic was born. Please join me today in celebrating yet another birthday of the greatest country on earth.       “As you partake in your favorite traditional Independence Day festivities, I hope you take a moment to recognize […]

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Grand Canyon Airport Offering 737 Service

The first full passenger flight aboard a Vision Airlines 737 touched down at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport last month, marking the official start of 737 airline service to the airport. Vision Airlines, which operates out of Las Vegas, is now offering 737 service to the airport on a daily basis. The Transportation Security […]

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