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Exploring the Process of Change

We are now a month into 2019 and many have contemplated making changes as a component of a new year’s resolution. Identified changes may be orchestrated to become healthier by increasing physical activities or an effort to eat a well-balanced diet. You may have attempted these changes in the past, with limited success. In order […]

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How Therapy Can Help the Wear and Tear of Daily Living

We perform repetitive motions throughout the day. Most of these motions are tolerable, while others might cause discomfort. Some repetitive motions catch up with us after years of overusing the same muscles or tendons. When we feel aches, pain, muscle tension and/or fatigue, it’s our body letting us know we are doing too much. It’s […]

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Flagstaff Business News recently asked Holly Nester of Personal Care Physical Therapy to be our Spotlight.  After a decade in practice, Nester serves many types of people with varying types of ailments.  She also travels to businesses in the region to improve occupational safety and help people maintain productivity through ergonomics.  Nester’s practice is located […]

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Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

You have probably heard of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy in the news. Many professional athletic teams are using this treatment to get their players back in the game sooner. This treatment is not only for professional athletes. Everyone wants to get back to what they do for play or for […]

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Include Massage in Your Exercise Routine

Most of us focus on the active part of exercise – running the miles or lifting the weights. Still, one of the most important goals of these activities, building muscle, takes place during recovery, not during exercise. For this reason, athletes of all fitness levels are paying equal attention to exercise routines and recovery periods. […]

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