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Tempting Visitors with Flagstaff’s Culinary Creations

Flagstaff’s restaurants are providing an amazing gastronomy scene of culinary creations that delight the palate. The City of Flagstaff’s tourism bureau, DISCOVER FLAGSTAFF, implemented a culinary campaign highlighting tempting food and the fun of cooking with Flagstaff’s friendly and delicious restaurants.

The “Wipe the Smile on Your Face” marketing campaign is a comprehensive collection of professional images and video that tells the restaurant’s story with a featured menu item and recipe on multiple communication platforms, from the website to ads and social media.

An established partnership between restaurants and Discover Flagstaff stimulates our local economy, generating increased interest – and, ultimately, more business and customers – a winning combination. As an integrated marketing campaign, it leverages owned, earned and paid media with effective strategies increasing awareness, inspiration and motivation to visit, stay, play and eat in Flagstaff. The idea captures the moment one experiences with a delicious dish or cocktail that is served to perfection that makes you delight in savoring the flavor, texture and aroma, which brings a smile to your face with every mouthwatering bite or every sip of carbonated effervescence.

“Wipe the Smile” will continue to evolve with newly procured content and recipes using locally sourced models and photographers. Check out Fat Olives, Brix, Satchmos, Toasted Owl, MartAnnes, Tourist Home and more at discoverflagstaff.com. Phoenix Magazine stated, “our critic’s favorite Arizona food town (Hint: It ain’t Scottsdale)…pound for pound, the greatest Arizona dining town is Flagstaff.”

Flagstaff has approximately 200 restaurants to experience and share. Hungry? FBN

By Meg Roederer

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