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Understanding Mobility Needs

CMIAs a respected member of Arizona’s automotive business community for 34 years, the CMI Mobility Group strives to understand your mobility needs and questions.

CMI Mobility provides rear- and side- entry conversions. There are certainly advantages to both conversions. In a rear-entry conversion, a wheelchair cannot be used in the driving or passenger positions. However, a transfer seat can be used in either case. No extra room is required for a ramp, and the side passenger doors are not blocked with a folding style ramp. Mid-passenger seats can be mounted next to the wheelchair positions. In a rear-entry conversion, you have the option of transporting two wheelchairs and placing them in back-to-back positions. There is also a “short channel cut” option, which starts at the mid-row seating.

A side-entry conversion includes the ability to use a wheelchair in either the driver or passenger positions. The vehicle can be entered or exited on curbside away from traffic; and side conversions receive more storage space. This style requires a handicap parking space or extra room for ramp deployment in your driveway or garage. The standard passenger seat is on rollers and can easily be removed to make room for wheelchair use. The standard drivers seat is also removable for wheelchair use.

Additional common questions are:


How hard is it to safely secure the wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle?

There are three types of docking systems to secure the wheelchair.

Straps – are anchored to the floor of the vehicle and are manually attached to the wheelchair. Four straps are included with each conversion.


Retractable – straps that also are anchored to the floor of the vehicle and are manually attached to the wheelchair. The straps are extended and attached to the wheelchair and then retract to tighten and secure.


Floor locking system – a base is mounted to the floor of the vehicle; the wheelchair drives into the base and locks into place. Once you have reached your destination, the wheelchair is easily released with the touch of a button. This system does not require cumbersome tie-down belts or the assistance from another person.


How safe are the conversions?

Both rear and side entry conversions are American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, crash tested and approved as well as being California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified.


Do I still have to park in handicap only spots?

With a rear-entry conversion, you can park anywhere, avoiding all of the “Handicap Only” locations. With a side-entry conversion, you will require “Handicap Only” locations.


What if something breaks down?

All automatic systems use aviation or aerospace grade materials, lessening the possibility of breaking down; however, if this should occur, there is a manual override for maximum safety.


How many people can they seat?

Several seating options are available from driver to six passengers plus wheelchair. Transfer seats are available for driver and passenger.

We at CMI Mobility Group pride ourselves in building relationships, understanding your needs and providing the best customer service. We look forward to helping you choose a mobility vehicle. Feel free to contact us at 480-688-6000.

Welcome to the future of mobility! FBN

By Stewart Carlough

Stewart Carlough is president of the CMI Mobility Group.




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