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Understanding the Importance of Relationships in Recovery

Life is complex, and as human beings, we rely on others to learn and build our confidence and capacity to cope with changing situations. As a result, it stands to reason that the challenges of life are best faced when we surround ourselves with others who demonstrate healthy behaviors. For the recovering addict, this means inviting people into his or her life who will encourage, motivate and inspire the individual to be the very best version of himself or herself.

All types of relationships – family, friends, casual, professional or romantic – remain healthy with respect, commitment, trust, honesty and communication with each type of interaction having its own level of time, energy and information sharing. As humans, the relationships we form with other people are vital to our mental and emotional well-being and survival; Back2Basic residents learn what behavior is appropriate for the circumstances and how to nourish those relationships. In order for people to evolve beyond addiction, they need to remove themselves from the negative forces in their lives. This is not easy, but absolutely necessary to break bad habits and influences.

The tendency for addicts to blame others for their problems is driven by an inability to foresee a better way of dealing with interpersonal relationships. Back2Basics helps young men broaden their perspective by teaching them to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives and transition from blaming others’ wrongdoings or actions for their mistakes. It comes down to taking responsibility and empowering their internal forces, because the quality of a man’s relationships with others begins with the quality of his relationship with himself. FBN

By Roy J. DuPrez M.Ed.

Roy J. DuPrez M.Ed. is the founder of Back2Basics. Back2Basics is an adventure recovery program, up to six months, for young adult males from 18-30, with substance abuse issues looking for a positive and meaningful life. In our program, clients are exposed to a weekly combination of both wilderness adventures and residential programming. Now accepting insurance.


Contact 928-814-2220, Rduprez@b2badventures.com, or visit back2basicsoutdooradventures.com for more information.

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