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Using Your Body to Focus Your Mind 

You can use your body and therefore your subconscious mind to quiet your conscious mind.  

The conscious mind is the part that thinks, plans, reviews, raises doubts and criticism. The conscious mind is the producer of the “monkey mind,” the stream of random thoughts that seem constantly present. There are many ways to mute, at least partially, the chattering mind, including traditional meditation and focusing on the breath.  

Listening to music, saying mantras, repeating simple prayers and repetitive drumming are time-honored techniques to turn down the distracting mind noise. 

The body sends sensory information to the subconscious mind. When well-practiced physical activities are performed, the subconscious mind is running the show. When the subconscious is both receiving data on movement, joint angles, muscle tension, balance, O2/CO2 levels, fatigue, physical pain, sight, sound, smell and directing movement, muscle contractions and physical positions, the conscious mind can butt out.  

It is not needed to perform routine, although challenging, physical activities. The exertion can stimulate the release of dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter resulting in the “runner’s high.”  

When the conscious mind interferes with what should be a subconscious function, it can cause trouble; thinking about changing gears while biking uphill can bring things to a dead stop, thinking during a golf swing can result in instant frustration.  

When I think about keeping my balance during one-legged positions, it usually results in falling over. Thinking during yoga actually resulted in a hip injury. I was mentally comparing a previous yoga experience with the one I was actually in, causing me to lose focus on and sublux my hip joint.  

So, have your conscious mind take a break while your subconscious gets you in the zone during movement. FBN      

 By Don Berlyn 

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