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Using Your Breath to Feel the Way You Want  

Your breath is the easiest way to communicate with your subconscious. Normally, your subconscious controls your breathing; you don’t have to consciously think about it. But any time you want, you can consciously take control, holding your breath, breathing faster or slower, deeper or shallower.  

Breathing deeper and slower brings you to a calmer place, with your heart rate and blood pressure decreasing. It turns out that the exhalation is most important to bringing you to that calm place. Some people use a pattern of breathing; in for a five count, hold for a four then breathe out for seven.  

Faster tends to increase the heart rate as in getting ready for exercise, emptying your lungs as much as possible during the exhalation and breathing in as deeply as you can. Your abdomen should expand, and your shoulders rise during the inhalation. This moves out stale oxygen-poor air then brings in plenty of oxygen-rich air, increasing the amount of oxygen available to your body and brain.  

If you find your mind stuck in the future or past with unpleasant thoughts, you can quickly bring your mind to the present by simply focusing on your breath. FBN 

By Don Berlyn 

For more information, contact Don Berlyn, PT, Hypnotherapist at 928-699-8263, email flaghypno@gmail.com or check out the website flagstaffhypnotherapy.com. 



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