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Your Wellness Travel Adventure Awaits

Travel more. It’s something we all aspire to do. And we know we’re not the only ones who get a glimpse of a white sand beach, snowy mountaintop or quaint foreign village and dream about all of the rest and relaxation that awaits. But, for a growing set of travelers, fitness-focused vacays and destinations have become a part of their travel destination checklist.

Whether you’re looking to log a few miles under a canopy of lush rain forest trees, hike rugged trails in a state park or even surf the seas surrounding an exotic isle, “wellness” travel is definitely a “thing” now that’s grown into an almost $500 billion industry. And there are endless places to indulge your inner travel and fitness bugs all over these United States.

Taking time off to travel is definitely good for the soul, and more and more research is showing it’s good for the body as well. Losing yourself in new surroundings as you work on your physical fitness and recharge your mental batteries can provide just the gentle mood boost you need when it’s time to head back to the “real world.”

Wellness vacations are designed to be a blissful combination of immersive, fitness and mentally refreshing experiences. In other words, total body care. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, here are a few tips on how to maintain total body care before you take off and once you arrive to your ahh-mazing wellness travel destination.

Plan Ahead for Fitness

Many of us spend hours, days and even weeks researching information on the best places to travel and getting the cheapest flight possible. But how much time do you actually spend researching fitness and wellness features and options?

If you’re an avid runner, check ahead to see if treadmills are available or if there is a running route the hotel can provide you with. If you’re headed to a location to run a specific trail or route, learn as much as you can about the climate or challenges you may encounter such as higher altitudes or rough terrain, for example. Planning on getting in the water? If so, can you rent scuba equipment or do you need to have your own?

Wherever you go and for whatever activity you plan on doing, just do a bit of prep and scouting work to ensure your wellness adventure goes as smoothly as possible.

Get Off the Beaten (Tourist) Path

Traveling is all about being in a different location and having different experiences, so challenge yourself!

If you’re a yoga aficionado, why not embark on a ski trip and get acquainted with a bunny slope and challenge a new set of muscles? Or if you’re traveling to a new city for a family getaway, see if you can take a walking tour of a historical district or even a bike tour to burn extra calories instead of hopping on a tour bus.

Incorporating wellness and physical activity into your life while you’re on vacation can be simple and exciting when you find creative ways to do it.

Remember to Rejuvenate

We get it. If you’re planning a wellness or travel adventure, odds are, you’re ready to push your body to the max in some aspect. But don’t overdo it.

New wellness and fitness experiences can definitely force you to use muscles you normally don’t engage. Can you imagine how great – but sore – your legs would feel after running sand dunes at that beautiful beach you finally made it to?

Just like when you’re in your home city or town, when you put your body through the paces, a part of total body wellness is ensuring you take time to give your body the rest and care that it needs.

Massage Envy has more than 25,000 massage therapists and estheticians available to you in more than 1,100 locations nationwide in 49 states. So, chances are, there’s one close to you – wherever you may journey – ready to provide the same safe, professional and calming experiences you enjoy at home.

By Mark Love

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