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Why Print Marketing Matters

Have you ever thought about how often you interact with printing on a daily basis? It’s more than you might realize. From the moment we wake up and throughout our day-to-day activities, print is all around us and influencing our lives in ways that can easily be taken for granted.

Whether it’s savoring that first cup of coffee in your favorite loyalty mug, to jotting down a grocery list on the magnetic notepad pressed to the fridge, to reaching for the shampoo bottle instead of the conditioner, we interact with print in a multitude of ways before we’ve even left the house.

Imagine how confusing our commutes might be without signage and window graphics signaling the way. Our workspaces would not only look quite a bit different without print, but we would function differently within them without such printed essentials as forms, letterhead, business checks, marketing collateral and more. Once lunchtime rolls around, it would be challenging to place an order at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try without menus or menu boards. Business owners would miss out on a large segment of the population that is willing to try a business for the first time because of a direct mailer; likewise, we as consumers would miss out on all the promotions and discounts we find in our mailbox each day.

Ultimately, print is about communication. As business mogul Richard Branson famously said, “If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you.” Printing is one of the best ways to make a memorable impression. As a business professional, it’s important to consider how critical print is in getting your message across and building brand awareness. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to incorporate print media into your marketing efforts:

Print is tangible.

In today’s digital age, it would be a mistake to overlook the ways in which your customers can interact with printed materials in tangible ways that can’t be replicated digitally. It’s a multisensory experience to see, feel and engage with such print pieces as greeting cards, brochures, reply cards and promotional items – and people often hold on to them for longer periods of time. They also can be easily shared and routed with others, helping create a broader brand awareness as more people are exposed to them.

Print is flexible.

Whether you need to reach a small group of people or target a large key market segment, print can easily be scaled up or down. And since you’re not limited to a one-size-fits-all format, you can get creative with sizes, colors, shapes, folds, cuts, textures and finishes. If you can envision it, chances are a professional print shop can bring it to life.

Print is effective.

When you get your name, logo and branding out where it will be seen and used – often repeatedly – you are building your brand awareness. A 2018 study by the Promotional Products Association International showed that 82% of consumers had a more favorable impression of a brand after receiving a branded promotional item. The same study showed that 81% of consumers keep promotional products for more than a year, giving longevity to your marketing efforts. Using print and promotional items to keep your brand top-of-mind is a win-win for both you and your customers.

From marketing and sales materials, to labels and bags, to banners and flags, and even custom branded apparel with your name and logo on it, print is everywhere. How are you leveraging print in your marketing efforts? FBN

By Tracie Hansen

Tracie Hansen and the team at International Minute Press are passionate about helping others plan and execute their marketing and promotional efforts in #TheModernPrintingIndustry. As IMP celebrates its one-year anniversary this month, the team looks forward to helping you with all your printing, graphic design and promotional needs.



2 Responses to Why Print Marketing Matters

  1. Teddy H. October 7, 2019 at 11:04 AM #


    Thank you for publishing this piece. (I read it from a digital platform)

    I must agree with your assessment of print vs. digital. As a director of many industries of brand, you have nailed it correctly as print will remain a tangible necessity that continues to work in the current market.

    We have lost the appreciation for the senses that print gives. Print media will always be a Lovemark. I still crave for a great magazine, the holding of a book, or the simplicity of watching my daughter flip the pages of her coloring book. Your highlight of business material is correct also, as creativity is still of need to introduce a wow factor through tangible design and more.

    Thank you, Tracie

    Teddy H.
    CEO ~ IDND Group

  2. Tracie October 17, 2019 at 7:19 PM #

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond, Teddy!

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