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Will 2019 Be the Year Your Resolution Succeeds?

If 2019 is like previous years, about 8 to 9 percent of the people who make New Year resolutions actually keep them. Eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February! 

Even so, it turns out that it is worth making resolutions because it creates a mindset to make progress toward a goal. People who don’t make resolutions, but just say they want some type of change in their lives, tend to not make any progress. 

Some proven tips to help achieve goals are: 

  • Write it down and say it out loud while writing. 
  • Set measurable goals, including target dates. 
  • Tell friends and family about resolutions. Facebook works well, and make regular updates about progress. 
  • Schedule anything that can be scheduled. Put it on the calendar.  

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By Don Berlyn  

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