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Winter Parking Ordinance begins Friday Nov. 1

Coconino County’s annual Winter Parking Ordinance 2017-11 will be in effect between Friday, Nov. 1 and Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The ordinance requires parking restrictions from County maintained rights-of-way during snow season and for the enforcement of parking restrictions either by citation or towing.

Between Nov. 1 – April 1 of each year, motor vehicles must be kept clear of County maintained rights of way. Any vehicle parked in prohibited areas reserve the right to be cited or towed at the owner’s expense (not less than $200.00) due to the possibility of threatening the health or welfare of County residents. Penalties are applicable where violations take place and where signed.

Winter recreation in Coconino County has resulted in increased parking and traffic congestion, littering and other dangerous hazards that negatively impact the health, safety and welfare of residents of the County who live and/or own property adjacent to County highways and roads. Over 80 signs have been disbursed to identify County roadways to reinforce the ordinance.

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 11-251, the County Board of Supervisors may manage public roads within the County, as well as, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 11-251.05, adopt all ordinances necessary or proper to carry into effect such powers.

It is a primary responsibility of the County to keep County owned, or maintained, rights -ofway reasonably clear of snow and provide major access for emergency vehicles. Most motor vehicles left parked in the streets become a hazard, both to the County snow removal equipment and to the owner of the vehicle.

For more information please visit www.coconno.az.gov/WinterParkingOrdinance2017-11i

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