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Christmas Made Special for Needy Flagstaff Families

On Christmas Eve this year, firefighters were called to assist several families around the city. This call however was not for a medical problem, fire or even a car accident. This call was to give a little extra help to a few families in our community. Every year the Flagstaff Firefighters Local 1505 adopts a few families to help in providing a memorable Christmas. Firefighters delivered food and presents in different areas around the city in hopes of making a small difference to the families. Each child in the family received gifts based on a “wish list” to Santa Clause. Moms and dads also received a few surprises from Santa Clause to round out the Christmas season. Shane Spravzoff   has been running the Christmas Family program for the last several years. Firefighter Shane Spravzoff added; 


“Christmas is a time of thinking about others and being thankful for what we have. Sometimes folks are just in a bad place and need a little extra help getting back on their feet. I hope what we do does make a difference for the kiddo’s and puts smiles on their faces when they see gifts around the tree Christmas morning. Each year, our guys put in a donation to our firefighter charity fund. From their we donate to a bunch of different groups and events in our city, including our Christmas Program. It’s great heading to the stores having an open checkbook….sorta. The guys really give BIG to this program, it means a lot to all of them. After all the shopping, we spend a few hours wrapping and filling out cards for the gifts. The best part by far is helping Santa by delivering the gifts and food boxes on delivery day. Of course getting gifts is always good, but helping Santa Clause and giving is much better”

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