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Community Partnerships Key to Successful Academic Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound effects on commerce, business, health, and access to goods and services. It has had a strong impact on business communities that are closely tied to Northern Arizona University. It is more important than ever for NAU to continue providing students, faculty and staff the opportunity to study, innovate, do […]

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Hypnotherapy, Coaching: How They Work Together

Hypnotherapy: Technically, hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis therapeutically to resolve a mind-based issue. Most people know hypnosis as entertainment, “making” people quack like ducks; play imaginary instruments; be Elvis; feel as if it’s really cold, hot or their skin is crawling with ants; act like they are eating the best ice cream ever or […]

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Having Responsibilities Furthers the Addiction Recovery Process

In his book, “Boys Adrift,” Dr. Leonard Sax explains that men need to be responsible because if men are not needed, they do not flourish. Furthermore, according to organizational psychologist Benjamin P. Hardy, men actually step down if they are not needed. For example, when expectations are low, you will find young men demonstrating behaviors […]

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Real Estate – Behind the Scenes

Do you ever wonder what your real estate agent is doing for you while his or her sign is posted in your front yard? Or maybe you ask yourself how much is my realtor helping with the largest purchase I’ll likely make in my lifetime? And what’s that six percent commission really buying me? The […]

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Why You Should Plant Trees in the Fall

As we start to wrap up summer and head into fall, it’s tempting to think that that the gardening season is over, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are still flowers to enjoy (mums in particular), last harvests to be gathered from your vegetable plots, and bulbs to get into the ground […]

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Understanding the Value of Massage as We Age

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 70 million baby boomers in the United States are poised to join the ranks of those aged 65 or older. As a result of baby boomers crossing the 60-year-old threshold, more Americans than ever before are entering into their golden years. At the […]

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Experiencing Back Pain from COVID-19?

COVID-related back pain…is it a thing? I’m going with a big YES. Time hunched over a computer almost always equals more back (and neck) pain. Today, I want to focus on low back pain. The low back and pelvis (also known as the lumbopelvic region) is a really fun area to study and treat. It […]

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Coral Evans

Remembering an American Hero Who Led by Example

Hello, Northern Arizona!  This month, I’d like to share a story about an Arizona legend we will all miss, Senator John McCain. We all know the highlights of his incredible life, and the enduring legacy he has on Arizona and the nation. Senator McCain was a statesman who earned the respect of his colleagues on […]

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Economic Vitality Roederer

Send Messages with Free Flagstaff Postcards

We know this year is different from last year – friends and families are not gathering as usual, shopping requires masking and “social distancing” is the new catch phrase. But through it all, we can still stay connected and share Flagstaff with our most cherished peeps by sending fun, uplifting and thankful postcards. Send a postcard […]

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QC Learning at Frontiere 2000px (1)

QC Learning Finds Temporary Home at Frontiere

For more than 20 years, Quality Connections has helped individuals with disabilities become independent, productive members of our community by providing them with employment opportunities, job training and practical life learning programs. Most people are familiar with us through QC Office, which provides businesses with everything from reams of copy paper to office furnishings, while […]

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