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Paula Mack

Being Kind: A Realtor’s Perspective

One of the touchstones for the Realtor’s Commissioner Standards is the concept of the “Golden Rule.” Treat others as we would like to be treated. Or, more succinctly, be kind. Something our parents told us, and we pass on to our kids. This concept is extremely appropriate when it comes to real estate sales transactions. […]

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Daniel Palm

Higher Education and the Case for International Engagement

In my role leading global initiatives at Northern Arizona University, I am often asked about the value of the university’s efforts to engage internationally. The impact of NAU’s relationships beyond the borders of Flagstaff, the state of Arizona and the United States is far reaching and benefits students and faculty who travel overseas, and international […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Understanding the Value of Baseline Hearing Tests

People getting a hearing test are often asked if there has been a change in their hearing. Some want to know how much their hearing has diminished through the years. Others ask to have a comparison made from the test and ask if their hearing is likely to change significantly. These are important concerns; however, […]

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Try a Little Tenderness

It’s February, Valentine’s Day – and it’s all about love. Usually, this is about love for others, expressed through flowers, chocolates, massages and nice cards. There is also a gift to the self that allows giving greater love to others. Humans seem hardwired to look for the negative. This serves as a survival purpose. Being […]

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Eric Moore Headshot

Should I Clean Out My Bird House?  

If you have a bird house in your yard, you may be wondering whether you should clean it out each year. After all, cavity-nesting birds typically come back to the same nesting locations year after year. Chances are, the nest is in a state of disrepair after raising a brood or two the previous year. […]

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Love is in the Air

Love may be in the air, but we can also find it lounging on a beach; while exploring the native culture Down Under; when skiing the French Alps; as we’re navigating museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites or while gazing up at the Northern Lights – just to name a few of our favorites. With […]

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DuPrez, Back

Understanding the Stages of Change

The new year is well upon us, and many have been making changes as a component of a New Year’s resolution. Identified changes may be orchestrated to become healthier by increasing physical activities, or an effort to eat a well-balanced diet. You may have attempted these changes in the past, with limited success. In order to create change in your life, you must first understand […]

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vegetable fruits health

Jump-Starting Your Health Focus with a Dietitian

The following is a question and answer session with Northern Arizona Healthcare Dietitian and certified diabetes educator Shannon Heffern, RDN: How can I make 2020 my healthiest year yet? You have the power to lengthen your life by making smarter choices! One important thing is not to follow a “diet.” You need a way of […]

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