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Halloween Spooktacular!

Shivers! Be prepared for an evening of scary themes (including music from “Psycho” and “The Exorcist”) during this Halloween concert! The Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra will also be in costume as they perform twenty popular and spooky numbers for all ages. Dress up in your Halloween costume for a family night out! Children 12 and under […]

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On the Grid with Bonnie Stevens

On the Grid: Exploring Lowell’s Expanding Universe

Exploring Lowell’s Expanding Universe Lowell Observatory’s plans for a $29 million Astronomy Discovery Center are coming into focus, featuring the Universe Theater with a wrap-around video screen and an open-air planetarium equipped with heated seats! Lowell representatives say it will be among the best science centers in the world and will substantially increase tourism to […]

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Bonnie Stevens

Leaders Don’t Waffle When Waffles aren’t the Right Decision

If you’ve ever gone to lunch with someone who couldn’t decide what to order, you know the pain of indecision. While you, everyone else at the table and the server are quietly on standby, that individual is thoughtfully considering whether it’s a quinoa-bowl kind of day or a full-on loaded burger event. President Theodore Roosevelt […]

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Coral Evans

Prioritizing Education in Arizona

Hello, Northern Arizona! I hope everyone is enjoying their fall! This month, I want to talk about how we talk about education. The Red for Ed movement last year made teacher pay a priority in Arizona, though it still remains one of the lowest in the country. In my meetings with those who work in […]

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Exploring the Spooky Side of Real Estate

Happy Halloween, and happy house hunting – or so we think. Not all homes are brand new with fresh paint, sparkling countertops and new finishes. Some homes have an uneasy past, or even a creepy former life. It is well known that Flagstaff has many haunted accounts. Google “Haunted Flagstaff” to discover that multiple hotels […]

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Incorporating Good Stress in Your Life

Not all stress is created equal. Stress can be positive. This good stress is called eustress. The stress people usually think of is distress. Negative stress with the feeling of being anxious and overwhelmed drags people down, sapping their energy and draining their joy. The bad stress leaves people stuck in fight, flight or freeze […]

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