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Coral Evans

Celebrating, Shopping, Giving Locally

Hello all! Happy Holidays! The holidays are a magical time up here in the north. The Polar Express is making kids’ dreams come true. There are tree lightings and hot chocolate, ice skating and, of course, the Pinecone Drop to look forward to. All over the area, communities come together to celebrate together. I want […]

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Decorating Your Tree Like a Pro

One of the joys of the season for many of us is finding the perfect Christmas tree and decorating it as the centerpiece of our home. From selecting your tree, to attaching lights, to adding baubles and finally the topper, each step is vital to creating your holiday masterpiece. If you are looking to up […]

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Empowering Your Immune System During Cold and Flu season

Autumn is upon us. In this changing weather, with the prevalence of colds, flus and other infections, we look to immune supportive botanicals, supplements, as well as lifestyle and dietary tweaks to help. Even a few basic strategies can go a long way toward boosting your immune system. Sleep: Studies show that people who don’t […]

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Quitting is Winning

The Great American Smoke Out is Nov. 21, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The following information is according to the American Cancer Society: “More than 34 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, and smoking remains the single largest preventable cause of death and illness in the world. Smoking causes an estimated 480,000 deaths every year, […]

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Enjoying the Benefits of Planning

Vacations should be fun and relaxing, so it’s important to carefully plan them in advance. Nobody wants to go on a hard-earned vacation and be uncomfortable or disappointed because of not planning well. Financial planning is similar – nobody wants to fall short of financial goals simply because of a failure to plan. However, according […]

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Barney Helmick

Flagstaff Airport: New Additions

With the addition of a second airline and new routes to Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles (seasonally), the Flagstaff Airport has seen a 52% increase in passenger traffic. By year-end, more than 220,000 passengers will have traveled through the terminal. In order to keep up with the influx of passengers, we have made recent additions. […]

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Saving Money on your APS Bill

Find Ways to Save You can find different money-saving options for your energy bill year-round and have access to resources to help you pay your bill in times of need. Finding ways to save money on your energy bill has never been easier. Just visit aps.com/save to explore all our savings tools, plans, tips and […]

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Understanding the Importance of Relationships in Recovery

Life is complex, and as human beings, we rely on others to learn and build our confidence and capacity to cope with changing situations. As a result, it stands to reason that the challenges of life are best faced when we surround ourselves with others who demonstrate healthy behaviors. For the recovering addict, this means […]

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Martha Murphy

Program Recruiting Senior Companions

The Civic Service Institute at Northern Arizona University, which connects volunteers to service opportunities throughout the state, is looking to pair local residents aged 55 and older with seniors who could benefit from their friendship, company and help. Volunteers in the Senior Companion Program (SCP) perform tasks that allow homebound seniors to maintain their independent […]

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Traci Hansen

Putting Your Business Cards to Good Use

While it’s true that much of our society is rooted in the digital realm, printed business cards still pack a powerful punch. Before you dismiss the effectiveness of a good business card, here are several reasons why it’s important to always keep yours on hand. People can be forgetful. Have you ever left a business […]

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