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Educating Small Businesses About New Healthcare Law

Arizona Webinar April 12th. Series of webinars being held to focus on key provision of healthcare reform law that impact small businesses.

With the tax filing deadline looming, national small business advocacy organization Small Business Majority is partnering with Small Business Administration regional administrators in a variety of states to hold free educational webinars on how the Affordable Care Act affects the small business community, and specifically, how small businesses can get some extra money back this year through healthcare tax credits.

The series, held April 11-14, features webinars broken down by region and state. There also will be a national webinar focused on women small business owners.

These one-hour events will cover a variety of topics including small business tax credits, health insurance marketplaces and other key components of the new healthcare law. More than four million small businesses nationwide are eligible for tax credits this year, which will help small employers afford the ever-rising cost of health insurance.
A question and answer period will follow the educational portion of the events.
“It’s been more than a year since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law and we’re still hearing many questions from the small business community on what the law means for small business owners and their employees,” said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority. “These webinars are an excellent way to have many of those questions answered so small employers can understand how healthcare reform impacts their bottom lines.”
Small business owners are encouraged to register for the free event now. To register, find details about the events and learn whether a SBA regional administrator in your state will be attending, click on the corresponding link below: Arizona Webinar




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    • Small Business Majority is a California-based, national nonprofit, nonpartisan small business advocacy organization founded and run by small business owners and focused on solving the biggest problems facing small businesses today. We speak for the nearly 28 million Americans who are self-employed or own businesses of up to 100 employees. Our organization sponsors scientific research that guides us to understand and advocate on behalf of the interests of small businesses across the country.
















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