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FBN recently spoke with Jenn Jones, owner of Madame 2 Sew in Flagstaff’s Southside.  She wants women to change the way they shop by looking to their closet before going out and making new purchases.  The alterations and clothing boutique is a relatively new store model for Flagstaff which encourages sustainability and smart purchase choices.


FBN:  Why did you decide to open your business?

Jones:  We like to encourage the community to shop their closets. Instead of tossing a ripped pair of jeans bring them to us so we can try to mend them. With the boutique we bring the dress shop feel: you come in and you really really like a dress but maybe you want the hem shorter, we offer to alter it to make it fit you!


FBN:  Have you always enjoyed fashion?

Jones: Yes very very much, I often have gotten  in trouble for my fashion choices! FBN:  You talk about helping women change the way they shop.  What do you mean by that?

Jones:  We just really like to encourage people to shop their closets first…Often our customers have purchased clothes that might be too big or don’t sit correctly on their shape. They don’t wear them and  they forget they have them hanging in their closets, so we like to let them know that there is a place for them to go where they can get that garment to fit better and make them feel good about what they are wearing/purchasing….Basically, find the ‘okay’ things, find out why they are just ‘okay’, come to us and we’ll try to make it better than okay – we’ll try to make it great!


FBN:  What do you see for the future of your company?

Jones: I would like to see growth (naturally)…. Eventually I would like to have us grow so much with our entire sewing/clothing boutique system that we can open multiple locations. Expand so that the philosophy as well as the business is more available to not only to customers, but to other designers and seamstresses as well.

Madame 2 Sew

2 S. Beaver Street Suite #130

Flagstaff,AZ 86001




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