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Flagstaff Mayor Appointed to State Commission

Mayor Jerry Nabours has recently been appointed to the State of Arizona’s Municipal Tax Code Commission. This nine member commission is in charge of reviewing and commenting on language submitted by any city, town, or taxpayer for the purpose of changing taxable activities, procedures or regulations relating to the Model City Tax Code.


Mayor Nabours was appointed by speaker of the house, Andy Tobin, and is proud to represent Flagstaff and other local areas in this vital commission. “The consistency and fairness of taxes is an important issue to me, our community and the State and I am pleased to be able to offer my knowledge and feedback as part of this important commission”, Nabours said.


The Model Tax Code offers a way of forming a level of standards among the cities and towns concerned with the taxability of items under the Transaction Privilege Tax or sales tax. This particular Commission works to resolve issues that may arise concerning everything from licensing and compliance to dispute resolution between business and the municipalities. More specifically members have been asked to tackle issues related to online retail sales, construction sales tax and a standardization process for city/town sales tax base, as well as the state sales tax base.

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