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The company, AZ Elite, has brought 3 Functional Fitness Programs to Flagstaff. Each focuses on specific goals with a very broad spectrum of exercises, so you’ll never be bored with workouts again.  The programs are guaranteed to work or your money back.

TACTIX, IMPACT & the 1000 Calorie Challenge are the most fun you can have while transforming your health, energy, vitality & body composition.

AZ Elite has partnered with NESTA (National Exercise & Sport Trainers Association) to bring TACTIX & the IMPACT Method to Northern Arizona. These two programs will build long, lean musculature without over bulking a person to the point of injury. Because muscle fibers build strength faster than ligaments and tendons, these programs are designed to prevent injury. As everyone knows, if you’re injured while working out, your workouts can’t do you any good. All the hard work will be lost & any progress you made will be gone by the time you’re sufficiently rehabilitated.

With TACTIX, there are no jazzy dance moves, ancient philosophies, or useless routines. TACTIX is all about function, form, fun, and fitness.  You will enjoy a high calorie burning workout that utilizes the latest techniques in metabolic conditioning, practical self-defense and advanced fitness programming.  Although TACTIX has explosive and effective self-defense applications, the energy of the class is always positive, fun and empowering.

According to chief trainer, Tim Hillis, “TACTIX does not teach sparring, or incorporate actual combat. However, fun partner drills are used to develop timing, coordination & balance.”

The idea of  IMPACT came from Dr. John Spencer Ellis, founder of the National Exercise Sports Trainers Association and The Adventure Boot Camp Program. John & his team at NESTA researched the optimal format for fat burning & muscle conditioning & came up with the formula for IMPACT. John invited Kelli Calabrese, Clinical Exercise Specialist & Master Trainer to co-create the program by further defining the IMPACT Method workouts. Together John and Kelli have 45 years of experience in the fitness industry.

The 1000 Calorie Challenge is, in fact, comprised of two challenges which are used together in the program. One of these challenges is in the realm of fitness and the other is in the realm of nutrition.  Participants start at burning 300 calories and work up to burning 1,000 calories in about an hour.

AZ Elite is owned and operated by Tim Hillis.  He works to train the everyday citizen to become elite operators and professional MMA fighters.  AZ Elite stays on the cutting edge of self defense tactics, fitness, nutrition science and professional MMA training.


928-254-7571 1926 N. 4th St. Suite 5 in the Pine Grove Shopping Center Flagstaff Arizona 86004 United States


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