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Northern Arizonans’ Home-Garden Show Anticipation

The Flagstaff Home and Garden Show is scheduled for the end of this month. For nearly 20 years, local and national businesses have showcased their products at the show. This year, it will take place in the former Kmart building on 4th Street, instead of at the Northern Arizona University Dome.

Jeff Waldheim of Summit Spas and Billiards has shown off his products at the show for five years. Up until this year, he displayed spas and pool tables for Mountain Home, a company that recently closed. This year, he is working for himself and says he is thrilled to be the only spa and billiard shop in Flagstaff to offer displays.

“We will have two booths totaling 700 square feet of space at the home show. We’ll display two spa lines. I focus on these two brands, one an entry level product that is durable, and an excellent higher-end brand,” Waldeim said.

“We’re in such a competitive market; it is imperative to carry the best products available, and you’re only as good as what you sell,” he added.

Two of Waldheim’s former customers attended last year’s show and said they enjoyed seeing what spas were available.

“We purchased a hot tub from Waldheim at the 2010 Flagstaff Home Show. We got a great deal on an incredible hot tub that we use regularly. The guys set it up, gave us all the help we needed, and have been there whenever we’ve had a question,” Ken and Sherri Brendel said.

Barbara Wofford, owner of Wizards Propane and Stove Sales, sells gas and pellet stoves, and fireplace inserts. Her company also tackles chimney and duct cleaning. This will be the ninth year that she showcases her products and services. “This is the start of the slow season and so the home show is a great opportunity for us and our customers,” she said. “We’re locally-owned for 23 years. This is a good time for people to buy our products, as many people are getting income tax returns this spring, so they can use that money for a large item that will last a long time,” she said.

Bart Ross, president of American Shows, Inc., the organization putting together the event, says home improvements are usually paramount in people’s minds. “People around the country want to keep the value of their home up. Last year, we had about 13,000 to 14,000 visitors to the Flagstaff show; we expect the same number this year. It’s more than a home show. People go and meet family and neighbors there, look around and visit. There is a wide variety of products available, including small ticket items like mops, pots and pans, flooring and carpet cleaners,” he said.

Vendors from all over the country will be in attendance. Approximately 60 percent are from Flagstaff. Ross acknowledges that residents want to buy from local companies, but he has found that shoppers also want a variety of vendors. Plus, he says, competition is good for the marketplace. However, Walheim and Wofford hope attendees will mainly support local merchants. “Many of us raised our families in Flagstaff and we would like to see money stay here. That way we can grow our businesses and keep our children here working in Flagstaff,” Wofford said. FBN



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