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Solutions Sought in Snowplay Traffic Congestion

Do you have an idea that could improve winter traffic congestion along U.S. Highway 180 during the snow play and ski season?

The Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization and HDR, Inc are developing a winter traffic congestion study.  They have partnered with MindMixer to launch an extensive public outreach campaign to get Flagstaff residents to share ideas about ways to minimize congestion along U.S. Highway 180. On August 16, the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization will launchwww.us180wintertrafficstudy.com, a virtual town hall event that invites anyone in the community interested to submit practical, creative, and resourceful ideas for improving winter traffic congestion.

US180WinterTrafficStudy.com is powered by MindMixer, an innovative web application that allows the public to generate ideas, help others evolve their ideas, and ultimately support their favorite ideas. “It’s a great way to involve a larger number of citizens in the transportation planning process at their convenience, from the comforts of their own home,” said David Wessel, FMPO Manager. “It allows for those people unable to attend meetings to still provide their feedback on this important issue.”


Project ideas are sought in four topic areas:

  • Community Impacts
  • Traffic Solutions
  • Economic Development
  • Visitor Experience


“Winter traffic congestion is a big problem here in Flagstaff,” says Carl Taylor, Coconino County District One Supervisor “and we want as many people as possible involved in contributing ideas and offering constructive solutions.”  Flagstaff Mayor, Sara Presler, echoes these sentiments and adds, “With residents and visitors attending this Virtual Town Hall, we can find the solutions that will allow us all to enjoy winter in Flagstaff even more.”


The Virtual Town Hall will go live on August 16th. Anyone interested in submitting project ideas can do so until the end of September. Users can submit as many ideas as they like. After submitting their ideas, users have the opportunity to help others improve their ideas, and ultimately the community will identify the best ideas through their support. You must be 14 years of age to participate. In addition, the site will be used for meeting announcements as well.  The study will be concluded at the end of December 2011.


To submit ideas, go to: http://www.us180wintertrafficstudy.com/.


For more information, contact David Wessel, FMPO Manager, at (928) 213-2650.


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