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Bill Unkovich

Bill Unkovich predicts that in less than a decade, everyone will store their personal and business information off-site in a cloud. But thankfully, Flagstaff and the rest of Northern Arizona won’t have to wait that long. The reason is that CenturyLink is in the process of rolling out savvisdirect to its local customers.

“It’s a powerful cloud solution product. Eventually, pretty much everyone will have it. It is simple, safe and flexible. You don’t need a server. You don’t need an IT guy. It’s a quick phone call or a quick touch of a button,” said Unkovich, marketing and development manager for CenturyLink.

“Let’s say your computer goes down or your hard drive burns up – your business won’t miss a beat because all your storage is off-site in the cloud,” he said. “You will have a back-up of all your customer’s information and your records.”

He said that CenturyLink is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and can provide storage solutions for a business of any size.

“The New York Stock Exchange uses it. To me, that says a lot,” Unkovich said.

“Most of the major cities are familiar with this product and it is now filtering down to smaller cities,” he said. “All small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from savvisdirect, especially those that have a lot of data – like customer files –such as banks, credit unions and legal and medical offices.”

Unkovich uses as an example a business with sales that quadruple during the holidays.

“People panic when they need more storage. Instead of buying a $20,000 server, you can just put it up on the cloud. You just reserve more space.”

By using savvisdirect, a person is allowed more time to pay attention to business rather than infrastructure. Plus there is no maintenance, no need for IT personnel and 24/7 technical support is available. Set up is complimentary and a person pays only for the space used.

Your cloud is customized for you and if you sign up for it on Monday, it will be up and running by mid-week, he says.

And savvisdirect is not only for businesses, it is also valuable for personal computers.

“That could be family photos, personal family business, family finances,” Unkovich said. It could also be anything that in days past was locked in a strongbox or safety deposit box at a bank.

“And you won’t have to buy more space than you need, and our longest contract is only 30 days,” he said. FBN



To learn more about savvisdirect, visit www.centurylink.com or call Unkovich at 928-779-4704 or call for a live chat at 1-855-459-5121.



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