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Making Difficult Conversations Easier

When was the last time you had a difficult conversation? With all the people we interact with and the diversity that enriches our workplaces and lives, it’s inevitable that we will run into other people who see the world differently than we do. It can be uncomfortable to realize we are not on the same […]

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Weston Brings Midwestern Values to Southwestern Law

Duane Weston is an attorney who has been practicing business law for more than 28 years in Flagstaff. He can handle legal matters ranging from contract law to mechanic’s liens to forming LLCs and corporations. He also specializes in land development, including rezoning and conditional use permits. However, he did not always think he was […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Research Linking Exercise to Reduced Hearing Loss

Researchers have shown us that exercise is good for your hearing! We all know that regular exercise helps reduce weight gain, improves bone density, increases cardiovascular fitness and even helps to support your immune system. Now, the results are showing that lack of aerobic exercise in mice caused the structures inside the hearing organ (cochlea) […]

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Can Dry Needling Technique Help You?

Dry needling technique, or DNT, and trigger point therapy are growing in popularity because of their effect on neuromuscular pain, soft tissue dysfunction and movement impairments; most commonly shoulder, back and fascial pain. DNT is also used to treat tension-type headaches Trigger points are tender, hyperirritable spots within a tight, taut band of muscle fibers […]

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The Power of a New Beginning

There are few things as powerful as a new beginning. On a college campus, and in a college community, the buzz of anticipation around the start of a new academic year is contagious. The optimism of our students and the enthusiasm of our faculty and staff echo the promise of good things to come. NAU […]

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Travel Pro Tips for the Perfect Gift

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to start the conversation about holiday travel! Imagine: no dishes, no cooking marathons and no holiday decorations to put up… Who wouldn’t want to share that with their special someone? But the gift of travel is no easy gift. There are lots of things to take […]

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On the Grid with Bonnie Stevens

On the Grid – Lowell Observatory Shining in the Shadow of the Solar Eclipse

Eclipse On this episode, Flagstaff Business News Editor Bonnie Stevens hosts Lowell Observatory Director and sun expert Jeff Hall for a discussion on the Great American Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, and how Lowell’s leadership in astronomical research and public education has earned the observatory worldwide visibility and increased business. During a total solar eclipse, […]

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