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What is Economic Development?

Most people think of new buildings or businesses when they think of economic development. This is somewhat true, but not entirely. IEDC (International Economic Development Council) defines economic development as a program, group of policies or set of activities that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating […]

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Caring for Your Christmas Tree

For many of us, the centerpiece of our winter holiday is the Christmas Tree, that jewel of spruce, fir or pine bedecked with ornaments, lighting up the cold winter nights. We at Warner’s Nursery want to make sure that you not only pick the right tree for you, but have these helpful hints so that […]

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Understanding Mortgage Insurance

If you don’t have 20 percent for a down payment – don’t worry! The high cost of living combined with steep purchase prices proves a challenge for many Flagstaff homebuyers to avoid paying mortgage insurance. What is mortgage Insurance? Mortgage insurance is simply an insurance policy that protects the lender if you default on your […]

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The Benefits of Beekeeping

The idea of keeping honeybees began when I visited the hive of Dudley Beck, a retired physician and friend in Bluff, Utah. For years, Dudley infected me with his enthusiasm for learning how a colony of honeybees forms a home-building, nectar-gathering, hive-heating organism. In 2015, my wife, Amy Prince, and I decided to enter the […]

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Treating Diabetes through Rehabilitation

For many, a healthy diet and regular exercise are self-prescribed ways to feel better. But for people with diabetes, diet and exercise often are medically recommended to help treat the disease. Diabetes is a disorder where either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells in the body do not recognize the insulin. […]

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The Trinity of Hearing: Part One, The Family

This is part one of a three-part series on hearing loss and the relationship of the three primary elements or the Trinity of players involved in facilitating hearing as efficiently as possible. This Trinity includes the family, the hearing-impaired person and the hearing health-care provider. I was asked to repeat this series by some of […]

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County Employees Giving Back

Coconino County’s annual United Way fundraising campaign is off to a terrific start. I am extremely proud of the contributions by our caring, smart and compassionate Coconino County employees. Our employees have supported the United Way of Northern Arizona for years, helping the organization achieve its goal of lasting community change through a focus on […]

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Downtown Parking Meters Resurrected

You may remember that in Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman was sent to prison for cutting the heads off of parking meters. An indication that parking meters are not popular. You may also remember that Flagstaff had parking meters downtown. Then, the downtown merchants figured the meters were pushing shoppers to the mall and elsewhere. […]

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