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NAU Letters 2015

NAU Reaches New Heights

On the first day of classes, Northern Arizona University is recording its highest total enrollment for the fall semester and the largest freshman class in school history. NAU’s overall student population is 29,035, up from 27,639, and the university welcomed 5,141 first-time freshman compared to 4,765 last fall. The overall GPA for incoming resident students on the Flagstaff […]

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Route 66 Car show

Car Show Coming to Flagstaff Mall

Classic cars, live music, family-friendly activities. Findlay Toyota and CRUZZIN Main Street USA are presenting The Route 66 Reunion Flagstaff on Sept. 11 and 12. This inaugural event, benefiting The Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff, replaces the long established Route 66 Flagstaff Days that was previously held the weekend following Labor Day for the […]

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Balsamic Vinegar is Good for you

Originating in Italy, this condiment is an aromatic, thick, dark, syrup-like aged type of vinegar, prepared by the reduction of cooked grapes. Balsamic vinegar, though popularly referred to as wine vinegar, is not made from wine, but is prepared from grape pressings whose fermentation process has been hindered. The best balsamic vinegar is prepared in […]

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Kat Ross

Time for an Insurance Check-Up

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance coverage? Just as getting an annual medical check-up is a sensible way to maintain your health, reviewing your insurance policies annually can provide peace of mind and may save you money. As you review your policies, here are some questions to keep in mind: Homeowners Insurance […]

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Is it Asthma or Your Vocal Cords?

For patients who have Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion, or PVFM, every breath they take is work. It’s an effort to pull air in through shut vocal cords, trying to get enough oxygen to function. Often, people who experience PVFM – also known as Paradoxical Vocal Fold Dysfunction and Vocal Cord Dysfunction – are often initially […]

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‘Bee-neficial’: The Importance of Bees to Your Garden

Mellifera is the hardest working – if somewhat accidental – horticulturist in your garden. In her search for food, she will move from stamens to pistils, pollinating your plants and ensuring their survival. She is responsible for 70 percent of the world’s flowering botanicals and a large number of its fruits and vegetables. It is […]

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