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    Little, Bright Space Rock Gives Astronomers Practice

    Details about one of the smallest and brightest asteroids ever found are now being released, but perhaps the most significant discovery is how fast astronomers ...

Sherri Monteith

Where Has 2016 Left the Real Estate Market?

After the sun set on 2016, many of us are looking back, reflecting on what the year brought us. Professionally. Personally. Typical hustle and bustle of the holiday season, paired with the reality of winter may leave buying or selling a home way in the back of your mind. Real estate quiets slightly around this […]

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Investing in Education and Success

At the start of a new year, good intentions and goals are plentiful. Resolutions form a path for optimism and the promise of success is in the air. At NAU, we are optimistic – but our confidence is not limited to specific dates on the calendar. We enter each new day with excitement for what […]

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First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide

Purchasing a home is complex and requires practicality, honesty, organization and trust. Although no two people or situations are the same, there is a general process that you can follow in order to make this big decision as smooth as possible.   Reality Check and Research It might sound simple or silly, but you’ll need […]

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Why Hire a Document Destruction Service for Office Shredding?

All businesses are faced with the dilemma of what to do with the piles of paper generated by regular business operations. Many of those documents contain sensitive customer information or proprietary company data. Most businesses rely on an office shredder and have employees shred documents throughout the day, or they store them until the end […]

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Elevate Flagstaff Minimum Wage Update

Through the citizen’s petition process, the people of Flagstaff have risen up and come together to request that the Flagstaff City Council give the voters a chance to re-consider the impact of both the local and minimum wage compounding propositions. The citizen’s initiative action committee, Elevate Flagstaff, and it’s volunteers have acquired and submitted over […]

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Making Resolute Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t work for me, or for most people. The long-term success rate for resolutions is low; a recent study conducted at the University of Scranton found that only eight percent of those studied achieved their resolutions. Given the low success rate, maybe it’s time for a different view of annual self-improvement. My […]

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