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Keith Todhunter-Schaafsma

Should a Trust be the Beneficiary of Your IRA?

  For many Americans, the assets in their Individual Retirement Account represent a significant portion of the wealth they hope to leave to their loved ones. However, trusts and inherited IRAs are complex vehicles that have a lot of details to get right. Advantages to Naming a Trust as an IRA Beneficiary While directly inheriting […]

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How Stress Affects Stroke Risk

“I was so stressed out, I thought I was going to have a stroke!” How many times have you heard someone say a version of the expression above? While it may often be said in jest, researchers have shown that the statement above may not be far from the truth. According to the American Heart […]

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Living Through and Surviving Cancer

You made it through the diagnosis, medications, surgery and treatments and have been released from formal medical care. You have survived cancer and are beginning to regain your life back, but as a cancer survivor, there are nagging side effects, struggles and challenges that may interfere with your life. Physical and occupational therapy can help […]

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Ed Gussio

Creative Health Insurance Plan Proving Beneficial To Local Charter School

Small businesses are relentlessly efficient and public charter schools take efficiency to an even higher level. Therefore, when assisting a small business with their employee benefits, creativity is key, especially when it comes to one of the biggest ticket employee benefit expenses; health insurance. As Pine Forest Charter School has learned, exploring all options can […]

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Arizona State Credit Union logo

Credit Union Becoming OneAZ

Arizona State Credit Union is charting an ambitious course for the future, with plans to double its assets in the next five years. Plans include a name change to OneAZ to clear up confusion about who the organization is and what it does. Goals include enhancing online and personal service for customers. “We are a […]

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Attorney Leaves Law for Jiu Jitsu

How many of us have thought about chucking it all and doing what we love instead of what we think we must do? How many of us have actually done it? Meet Max Goldberg. He gave up a successful law career in Florida, moved to Flagstaff and began teaching jiu jitsu. “After practicing [law] for […]

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June Performing Arts Classes and Events at The Sedona Hub

Beginning June 6 the Hub will host classes, music and a festival. Ongoing drop-in groups include Anything Goes Improv, Circle Songs and Ecstatic dance. Look for classes in Dance Meditation, Expressive Arts, Clay Play and a Summer Youth Arts Leadership Intensive. June 25 features the first Street Arts Festival with music, art, spoken word and […]

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