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Economic Growth on the Rise

It is an exciting time for economic growth and business in Arizona. The national media is taking notice of Arizona’s business competitiveness. Site Selection magazine recently ranked Arizona as the most competitive state in the mountain region. Area Development magazine recognized Arizona for being the top state in economic development in the population category of 5 million to […]

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Lumberjacks for Life: Building Lasting Connections

One of the true joys of the college experience is the friends you make along the way. Classmates enhance the celebrations, commiserate about the challenges, inform and expand the education of the journey toward a degree. At NAU, we believe that camaraderie should not be limited just to our students’ time on campus. So, we […]

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Speech Understanding in Wind

Wind noise has been an ongoing issue since the beginning of hearing aid use. I remember 30 years ago talking to people about managing wind noise when they were wearing a body-worn hearing aid. I asked people to change the direction they were facing so their back was to the wind or stand sideways to […]

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Six Steps to Successful Grant Implementation

You have been awarded the grant you worked so hard for! Now, what are the steps to take to ensure successful stewardship of your award? In this second installment of a three-part grant management best practices series, we help you prepare for grant implementation. These best practices are provided by Natalie Harlan and Winnie Ennenga, […]

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Simplifying Common Health Insurance Terms

Health insurance is becoming more costly and more confusing. As an informed consumer, you should know the most common terms and definitions in your health plan. A premium is the payment you make to the insurance company to keep your health plan active. If your health insurance is through your employer, the premium is most […]

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Patient-Centered Cancer Care

The Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare in Flagstaff and Sedona are distinguished by multidisciplinary medical teams made up of compassionate radiation oncologists, nurses, social workers and dietitians dedicated to providing patients with the latest in cancer care. During traditional cancer treatment, patients often experience a variety of side effects from exposure to radiation – […]

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Understanding Emergency Management During Fire Season

As summer heats up in Coconino County, our residents and visitors alike are reminded that living and recreating amongst such unspoiled wilderness comes with risk and responsibility. Recent wildfires throughout the state illustrate the extreme risk of irresponsible fire behavior and the responsibility we all have to ensure our community stays safe from the natural […]

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