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Understanding the Uncertain Home Seller 

Hello, Flagstaff! As the home-selling season heats up, many homeowners begin considering the question: Is this the right time to sell, and if so, how can a realtor help me?  Here are the four key advantages owners gain when hiring a real estate professional.    Market Knowledge     A local real estate agent has in-depth […]

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

As it navigates through a very complex world, the human body has to determine what is safe and what is not safe. Chemicals, pollutants, as well as processed foods have made the recognition of the environment challenging and complicated. Living amongst the chemicals abundant in our modern world creates an entirely new challenge for the […]

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Are You Prepared for Mental Decline? 

No one likes to think about cognitive decline in themselves or their loved ones. But, for many families, this is an incredibly important topic to address. In fact, 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, including 10 percent of people aged 65 and older. When they pass away, one in three seniors has Alzheimer’s or other […]

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T Paul Thomas

Can You Learn to be a Great Manager? 

My column last month was titled, “Five Habits of Great Managers.” I always re-post my columns on social media and that column had by far the most views of any column I’ve ever written. In addition, I received a long list of emails about the topic. One of the most interesting questions I received was, […]

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Remember Your Décolleté When Getting a Massage or Facial 

Pronounced “day-kōl-tay,” décolleté is derived from the French word décolletér, which means to expose the neck. It can also refer to a low-cut dress style on a woman. When referring to the body and skin care, the décolleté is simply the upper torso, including the upper chest and back and shoulders, as well as the neck and jawline.  The décolleté is one of […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Recycling Used Hearing Aids

If you have an old pair of hearing aids or cochlear implant processors that someone used in the past, don’t waste the opportunity to help someone else. That device may open a new world of hearing to someone.   There are a few options for you to recycle the hearing aids. All makes and models are […]

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Protecting Proprietary Information

Your company’s information is proprietary and it’s worth protecting. Many companies spend money on a security system for their building, they back up their data and store it offsite or they pay a company to come in and shred the data for them, in order to keep the information from ending up in the wrong hands. These automated systems […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Cleaning Ear Canals

One of the most common questions I hear is, “How should I clean my ears?” There are a few methods for keeping ears clean, but first, let’s learn a little about the ear canal.    The Purpose of the Ear Canal  The ear canal protects the eardrum, migrates dust and dirt out of the canal, […]

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