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Is it Asthma or Your Vocal Cords?

For patients who have Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion, or PVFM, every breath they take is work. It’s an effort to pull air in through shut vocal cords, trying to get enough oxygen to function. Often, people who experience PVFM – also known as Paradoxical Vocal Fold Dysfunction and Vocal Cord Dysfunction – are often initially […]

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‘Bee-neficial’: The Importance of Bees to Your Garden

Mellifera is the hardest working – if somewhat accidental – horticulturist in your garden. In her search for food, she will move from stamens to pistils, pollinating your plants and ensuring their survival. She is responsible for 70 percent of the world’s flowering botanicals and a large number of its fruits and vegetables. It is […]

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Embracing Impermanence

A few weeks ago, I came home from work and, much to my dismay, a house was being built on the lot next to us. When I left home that morning, the lot was, as always, vacant, with a magnificent, old tree smack in the middle of the space. Now the tree was gone, little […]

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Jessica Young- Sales and Marketing Specialist: Meetings and Events

Tips for Planning Meetings in Flagstaff

The Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau is tasked with marketing Flagstaff as a four season destination and increasing visitation numbers and lengths of stay. The Meetings and Events department focuses on increasing the number of meetings held in Flagstaff and assists in creating the best experience possible for attendees. When planning your meeting or event […]

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Study Says Coconino County Poised for Growth

Five years ago, when the Flagstaff Design Center was founded by four Flagstaff businesses, the economy was cranky. The construction-related businesses banded together to cut costs by sharing space, rent and utilities. At the time, it was a form of safety in numbers for self-defense. “Now, it seems to be a good idea because there […]

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CCC Impacting Local Community with Added Income, Investment

A single mother decides to go back to college to become a scientist to support her family. A high school student wants to earn college credit while she’s still in high school. A veteran leaves the military after serving his country and wants training in a new skill. These real stories, emotional and inspirational, happen […]

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