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Understanding Conductive Hearing Loss 

Hearing loss is described by type and degree of loss. The type of hearing loss is determined by the location of the dysfunction. The degree of loss is determined by how much power is needed to hear sound. The ear is divided into the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. In this article, I […]

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Shaping Arizona’s Future 

The start of a new academic year is a reminder of the power of education. Our students start the semester full of dreams and ambitions, and through education, we prepare them to pursue those goals.  Whether Lumberjacks join us in Flagstaff, Prescott Valley, Yuma, at a community campus around the state or online, we know […]

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CCC: A Place for the Learner in All of Us 

I have always found that the beginning of each new academic semester brings with it a wonderful energy and excitement — and so it was with Coconino Community College on Monday, Aug. 26.   Students were here bright and early to find their classrooms, and faculty and staff were at the door of the college to […]

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Achieving Wabi-Sabi: The Art of Imperfection in Your Garden 

When envisioning a garden, many people think the ideal is formal planting beds with perfect blooms orchestrated into an uncompromisingly symmetrical design – a mini-Versailles in their own backyards.     But for several years, the trend has been to embrace a more casual feel, often described in the term “bed-head” gardening (as if your garden […]

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Putting Education to Work

We have been listening to our communities throughout Coconino County and the message is clear: We need education and training that leads to jobs and helps improve lives and communities. We are proud of the “Community” in the name of our College, and the mission that goes along with being part of the community. Our […]

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Choosing a Rehab Facility 

You or one of your family members are in the hospital following an injury, illness or surgery and the physician or surgeon says it’s time to leave the hospital but rehabilitation or additional care is needed before going home. Some conditions that may require short- or long-term care at a rehabilitation facility include stroke; disabling […]

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Are Business Cards Dead? 

I have had several people tell me that they don’t need business cards because everyone keeps contact information in their phones! Well, that may be a trend but does not seem to be pervasive yet. And besides, a business card is often the source for the information being stored in the phone.     A well-thought-out […]

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