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    Market of Dreams Awakening to Promising Reality

    Some dreams make no sense. Under dark of night and beneath closed eyes, apparently random events cascade in unintelligible, albeit entertaining, succession. On the other ...


Know Your Commercial Lease Before You Sign

Key factors that will determine the success or failure of the tenant’s business are the terms found in their commercial lease. Knowing the terms of the lease is critical for the tenant to understand in order to avoid unnecessary aggravation and possible litigation. Tenants cannot afford costs associated with business distractions and litigation. Before any […]

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BauerFinancial Gives Local Bank Superior 5-Star Rating

Mission Bank is proud to be recognized as a superior 5-Star rated bank by BauerFinancial, a national bank rating and research firm. BauerFinancial’s rating system is based upon an analysis of current financial data as supplied by federal banking regulators, with the 5-Star rating indicating Mission Bank’s solid capital position, profitability, sound asset quality, and balance sheet […]

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Walnut Canyon National Monument Celebrating 100 Years

For ages, Walnut Canyon has served as a time capsule into the past, revealing the life story of inhabitants ranging from prehistoric marine creatures to more modern cliff-dwelling humans. In 2015, today’s stewards of the site celebrate this geological, archaeological and historic heritage with a number of activities. These are highlighted by two different centennial […]

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Flagstaff-Based Giftcard Zen Expanding with Phoenix Office

Just three years ago, entrepreneur Aaron Dragushan launched his newest business, Giftcard Zen – a website to buy and sell gift cards at a discounted rate – in the office of his Flagstaff home. Last March, Dragushan announced that his company was quickly growing and looking to nearly double in size. Now, Giftcard Zen is […]

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Tevis Reich

A Judgment is Worth More Than You Think

Do you have a judgment that you have never collected on? If so, it is worth more today than when you obtained it. All judgments accrue interest as a matter of law. Some judgments accrue interest based on a contractually stated rate, if they resulted from a written agreement. If the matter did not arise […]

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The Dulling of Shiny New Things

It’s confession time. I have an addiction. I don’t remember exactly when it started. I don’t remember how I got hooked. I just know that I have a problem. I love watches. That’s right, watches, those things that told us the time before we had cell phones. My problem is so bad it’s a joke […]

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