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New Highway Signs Promote Arizona Snow, Mountains, Pines

Blue sky. Green pines. Snow-capped mountains.   The signature beauty of Flagstaff will now be on display for travelers to enjoy, residents and visitors alike.   Gov. Doug Ducey announced in December the rolling out of new “Welcome to Arizona” signs that will be placed on highways throughout the state. In total, there are six […]

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World-Class Astronomical Facilities Collide 

Effects of the collaboration between Lowell Observatory and the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) are going to be “astronomical,” said Planetarium Director Eric Edelman. Edelman is referring to the recently-formed partnership between the two world-famous scientific facilities. In brief, Lowell Observatory and ERAU are going to partner in sharing research […]

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Paula Mack

Being Kind: A Realtor’s Perspective

One of the touchstones for the Realtor’s Commissioner Standards is the concept of the “Golden Rule.” Treat others as we would like to be treated. Or, more succinctly, be kind. Something our parents told us, and we pass on to our kids. This concept is extremely appropriate when it comes to real estate sales transactions. […]

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Daniel Palm

Higher Education and the Case for International Engagement

In my role leading global initiatives at Northern Arizona University, I am often asked about the value of the university’s efforts to engage internationally. The impact of NAU’s relationships beyond the borders of Flagstaff, the state of Arizona and the United States is far reaching and benefits students and faculty who travel overseas, and international […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Understanding the Value of Baseline Hearing Tests

People getting a hearing test are often asked if there has been a change in their hearing. Some want to know how much their hearing has diminished through the years. Others ask to have a comparison made from the test and ask if their hearing is likely to change significantly. These are important concerns; however, […]

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Harnessing the Wind

Arizona’s largest wind energy project, the Chevelon Butte Wind Farm, is expected to have turbine blades spinning in a remote area south of Winslow by the end of 2021, and power the region with an estimated $8 million in indirect economic benefits during the construction phase. sPower, a Salt Lake City-based renewable energy developer, received […]

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Try a Little Tenderness

It’s February, Valentine’s Day – and it’s all about love. Usually, this is about love for others, expressed through flowers, chocolates, massages and nice cards. There is also a gift to the self that allows giving greater love to others. Humans seem hardwired to look for the negative. This serves as a survival purpose. Being […]

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