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Helping Wintering Birds Stay Fed, Clean and Warm

Have you ever found yourself on a cold winter’s day looking out the window at the wild birds in your yard and wondering how they stay alive? Maybe you’ve asked yourself questions such as, “How do they survive sub-freezing temperatures?” Or, “How do they find enough food each day to maintain their metabolism?” While many […]

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Can You Control Your Estate from the Grave?

The short answer is, “Yes!” We often spend time planning for our financial future, making sure we have adequate funds to put our children through college and to support us in retirement. We may even plan to provide for our children, other family members or charities once we are gone. Most of us don’t want […]

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Patriots Carrying the Flag for Veterans

About this time last year, Kayla Wagner felt she could not catch a break. Her marriage broke up, she lost her job, she was behind in rent and utilities and, to top it all off, she needed a new tire. It promised to be a very bleak Christmas for her two boys. The Navy veteran […]

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Discussing Naturopathic Oncology and Menopausal Symptoms for Women Cancer Survivors

As we move from 2019 to 2020, we see that more women are surviving cancer. With this great news also comes an increased incidence of menopausal symptoms in survivors, whether from normal, age-related causes or those exacerbated by the cancer treatments themselves, or a combination of both. Although menopausal symptoms are often treated with exogenous […]

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New Year Mind Games: Play to Win

It’s a new year, a time to let go of the old and embrace the new. Many people decide to set goals or make resolutions. The gyms are packed the week after New Year’s Day. There is plenty of room by Valentine’s Day. Here are some tips to make this year the most successful one […]

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Changing Lives Through Travel

How will you make 2020 your most meaningful year yet? We believe travel has a huge positive impact and helps find personal fulfilment on your journey. As you explore the globe, make a point to shop local. Explore a local farmer’s market, purchase souvenirs from smaller mom and pop shops, and eat a meal at […]

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Reviewing Legislative Concerns Impacting Coconino County

The Arizona Legislature is gearing up to convene on Jan. 13, starting with Governor Doug Ducey’s State of the State Address. While the legislature will receive the governor’s priorities and goals on the first day of the session, it has already begun working on developing priorities. Coconino County has been actively engaged with the policy […]

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Understanding Your Audiology Results

The first step on any hearing health journey is undergoing an examination. This exam provides you and the audiologist an understanding of your current state of hearing and allows for proper recommendations to be made. The findings are presented in a report called an audiogram. An audiogram contains both a written section and a graph. […]

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Introducing Flagstaff Local: A Resident-Centered Free Program

Flagstaff Local is a new community movement encouraging and celebrating residents that complete actions in the Flagstaff city limits supporting the following pillars: shop, volunteer, be eco-friendly, donate, support education, mentor and vote. Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans said, “Local decisions make a difference in Flagstaff and supporting our community through our actions is an integral […]

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