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Using Your Breath to Feel the Way You Want  

Your breath is the easiest way to communicate with your subconscious. Normally, your subconscious controls your breathing; you don’t have to consciously think about it. But any time you want, you can consciously take control, holding your breath, breathing faster or slower, deeper or shallower.   Breathing deeper and slower brings you to a calmer place, […]

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Are You Healthy Enough? 

We’ve all seen those commercials with the disclaimer telling you to check with your doctor to make sure your heart is healthy enough for physical activity. My advice this month is to check with your tax preparer to make sure your tax planning is healthy enough for any life moves you might make. Most life […]

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Spending Grows an Economy 

What grows an economy? Consumer spending. That’s why consumer spending is 70 percent of the Gross Domestic Product – the indicator for national economic growth. When there is plenty of spending, the economy grows, providing more people with more money to spend on the efforts of more people. This is how the economy, in reality, trickles up.    A recent paper from the Economic Policy Institute, “Inequality is Slowing US Economic Growth,” explains what many economists […]

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Foot, Shoe

Heal the Heel: Options for Treating Plantar Fasciitis  

Nearly eight out of 10 Americans have experienced significant foot pain at some point; one out of five report suffering from foot pain daily; half of all adults say foot pain has restricted their activities such as walking, exercising or even just standing; and those who suffer from chronic foot pain are significantly more likely […]

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Meagan Elliott 

Examining the Big Trend in Small Homes 

Some believe bigger is better. You must have more: a bigger house, newer car, more stuff. Can’t afford it? Just put it on your credit card. This has become a societal mantra. However, there seems to be a shift in the wind. Millennials are entering the workforce with high levels of student debt, forced to […]

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Learning about Leadership from Stoics and Animals  

Craig Van Slyke, Ph.D., has high standards. He strives for excellence in leadership and life. And wants to help others get there, too. “You can’t be a truly excellent, ethical leader without being an excellent, ethical person,” he says. “Work on making yourself an excellent person first.”   His new book, “On Leadership and Life,” is […]

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Creating the Environment to Deliver Healthcare Excellence  

Florence Spyrow’s career has taken her from intensive care to extensive management. As the new interim president and CEO of Northern Arizona Healthcare, Spyrow is the first woman to head up NAH, one of Northern Arizona’s anchor organizations and top employers.   NAH is the administrative and governing arm of health care facilities: Flagstaff Medical Center, […]

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