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Increasing Number of Baby Boomers Booking Trips on Airbnb

Senior guests who are over 60 are now the fastest-growing age group using Airbnb, according to a new study by Airbnb. Typically thought of as a service for millennials, the online marketplace that allows people to rent out their homes, spare rooms or other properties announced that the number of seniors who have ever booked […]

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eye, eye

Diabetic Eye Disease: A Leading Cause of Blindness

November is National Diabetes Month, when communities join to bring awareness to the disease. From an eye care standpoint, diabetic eye disease is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. Early detection and timely treatment can greatly reduce the risk of vision loss and blindness. Diabetes is a condition where the body has […]

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Understanding Diabetes in Pets

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes mellitus is caused by an irregularity in the production of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is one of the hormones produced by the pancreas and it regulates the body’s ability to use glucose. Glucose comes from the food that your pet eats and is, in turn, the food […]

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CASA Volunteers Making a Difference in Child Abuse

Have you ever read a horrific story of child abuse and wondered what to do? Instead of passive despair, let the tragic incident serve as a galvanizing call to action for us all to commit to ending abuse and securing the safety and future of every child in Coconino County. We can make a difference […]

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Applying Rapid Tension Release Massage

Rapid Tension Release (also known as vibration or percussion) Massage uses rapid movement to ease muscle tension and reduce aches and pains. This specialized massage technique provides concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the hard-to-reach muscles and tissues to stimulate blood flow and relax tight muscles, ligaments, tendons and the fascia that covers and connects all […]

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JD Hoyt

Financially Preparing for the New Year

What do you want to do? Lose weight? Learn a second language? Get in shape? Take a vacation? Get out of debt? What better time to commit yourself to a new course of action in life than at the end of the year? More than 40 percent of Americans “usually” make New Year’s resolutions. Another […]

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