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Making a Donation? Here are Five Things to Consider

It’s a well-known fact that charitable or philanthropic giving provides opportunities for tax benefits. While this is certainly a nice bonus, it doesn’t always lessen challenges associated with donating. Managing a tight income, negotiating decisions for long-term investments or even justifying purchases for immediate pleasures can be hard enough without factoring in another line item […]

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True or False? Sorting Through the News

Not being bamboozled by the glut of fake news bombarding the information consumer rests squarely with the person receiving and interpreting the data. “It’s a problem all across society,” said Brian J. Rackham, assistant professor in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University (NAU). “Even the term ‘fake news’ has been corrupted to where […]

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Opportunity for Funding Nonprofit Organizations, Page/Lake Powell, Tuba City, Williams

The annual competitive grants process for the communities of Northern Arizona facilitated by the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff will provide financial support to worthy projects and programs serving residents of Williams, Page/Lake Powell and Tuba City. The online grant application is now open at Completed applications must be submitted before 4:00 p.m. on […]

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Building Teams, Highways, Solutions

Lucinda Andreani is not your typical county public works director. First, she is a woman. Second, she is not an engineer. And third, she brings a more entrepreneurial edge to how she runs things. She does not adhere to the status quo. “I am someone who values diversity and a different perspective.” Her approach to […]

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Wage War

Nathan Martinez loves his dog, his community, his job and his independence. At Sam’s Club, Martinez hustles to retrieve shopping carts for customers and greets them with a carefree smile. However, his sunny outlook turns to worry when he considers that the life he has earned and established could change. Martinez fears that the non-profit […]

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The Lyric Extended Wear Hearing Aid

The Lyric is a hearing aid that is housed inside the ear canal for extended periods of time. You do not change a battery or put the hearing aid in a recharging device at night. All you need to do is go to your audiologist and ask to try a pair of them!   Discreet […]

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New York State Approval is Major Step For SenesTech

SenesTech, a leader in technology for managing animal pest populations through fertility control, is celebrating the registration approval from New York state for the marketing and sale of ContraPest. As a result of the anticipated demand for the product to control rat infestations, the Flagstaff company is ramping up manufacturing capabilities. SenesTech’s existing manufacturing capacity, […]

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