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Defining Arthroscopic, Laparoscopic, Endoscopic

Thirty years ago, many of the modern minimally invasive surgery techniques had yet to become common place in the operating room. When I was an intern in General Surgery in 1986, we were still doing gallbladder removals by cutting large open incisions beneath the rib cage on the right side – a very painful approach, […]

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Tips for Families Who Have Children with Special Needs

When beginning to build their families, few parents expect to have a child with special needs. However, the experience is surprisingly common and affects millions of people throughout the United States. In fact, current estimates show that approximately one in six children from age three to 17 have at least one developmental disorder. Any parent […]

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Bacteria: The Guardians of Health

Microorganisms are the oldest life form on earth. They are everywhere and they are numerous. The weight of all microbial life on earth is 25 times greater than all animal life. Not only have humans evolved in the presence of bacteria, our health is greatly dependent on maintaining harmony and equilibrium with the microorganisms living […]

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What is Your Real Estate Love Language?

Love languages. We all have them. The definition of a “love language” is the way we most often express our love to others (or feel loved by others). Real estate is such an emotional and personal experience for buyers (whether a first-time buyer or seasoned investor), that we can talk about “falling in love” with […]

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Reviewing a Case of Employee Fraud

She was the perfect employee. She could do it “all.” She was a long-time employee of the company and as time went on, had been given additional responsibilities so the owners wouldn’t have to be inconvenienced to sign checks each time the bills were paid. As the company bookkeeper, she was tasked with handling the […]

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Art Babbott

Cultivating Regional Forest Industries

Catastrophic wildfire and the flooding that often follows a destructive wildfire represent the number one public safety risk for Coconino County’s citizens and communities. Strong community support and regional cooperation exist to move initiatives, such as Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) and the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP), forward. However, significant implementation challenges remain. Two […]

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Smoke from Forest Burns Triggering Allergies in Northern Arizona

Smoke from the National Forest Service burning south of Flagstaff and other fires in the Coconino National Forest is increasing the allergy symptoms among Flagstaff residents. While not everyone has the same sensitivity to smoke caused by fire, the added burden of airborne particles, combined with the early bloom of Juniper pollens, are triggering allergy […]

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T Paul Thomas

You Did Not Get to the Top All By Yourself

This was an interesting week for me at Northern Arizona University. Two things happened that reminded me our successes are not the result of our individual work and effort. Our successes are the result of others who have reached out and helped us climb the career ladder. The first thing that happened was a student, […]

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