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Andy Tobin Named Speaker of the House

Andy Tobin, R. Paulden, is the new Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.  FBN caught up with Mr. Tobin to talk about his appointment and the year ahead for Arizona businesses.

“I am truly honored to have the support of the members of the House of Representatives as we continue to address some of the most difficult challenges Arizona has ever faced. To do that we intend to stay on the winning path Kirk Adams set this last session. The voters sent us here to make Arizona a better place to live, and that will require making some very tough decisions. We will continue to debate the federal government over states’ rights and federal overreach. We will keep the state budget balanced and look to grow business and create jobs. All the while, we need to constantly make sure we are listening to Arizonans.”

FBN: What do you think the year ahead holds for our business community?

“There were some very significant moves made this year to turn our economy around and create jobs, and our business community will hopefully feel the impacts. We passed an historic Jobs Bill that reforms our tax code to make us much more competitive with states across the country. There are elements in that package to help businesses large and small and inject jobs back into our economy. Also, by finally passing a balanced budget, we are closer to bringing stability to our economy, which is what our business community needs.”



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