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Celebrating the American Worker and Labor Day

Statement from Governor Jan Brewer’s office.   “On this Labor Day, we celebrate the American worker. We celebrate the bus drivers and teachers, the office workers and homebuilders. Whether walking a beat or picking crops in a field, these are the people who make our communities run.


“It is no secret that times are tough. Too many people are unemployed. Many who still have jobs feel uneasy, or are working harder for less money than just a few years ago. But I remain hopeful.


“My optimism is rooted in our nation’s people. This country has seen hard times before, but regular, working Americans have always led the way to recovery with their innovation, creativity and tenacity.


“I am committed to doing my part. Together with the Legislature, we have taken significant steps in the last year to help Arizona compete for the world’s best employers and encourage expansion of our home-grown businesses. I pledge to continue searching for thoughtful ways to stoke Arizona’s economic recovery.


“With that, I wish you a very happy – and above all, relaxing – Labor Day. You deserve it.”


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