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Celebrating Travel, Tourism, Economic Development

National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual tradition for the U.S. travel community. It’s a time when travel and tourism professionals across the country unite to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses and personal well-being. As part of National Travel and Tourism Week, join Discover Flagstaff and volunteer for Eco-Tourism Service Day. Last year, volunteers collected 146.35 pounds of trash from the north and south side of the tracks downtown, and the year before, 55.61 pounds, so let’s keep the trend going.

The month of May also showcases Economic Development Week (EDW), increasing awareness for local programs creating jobs, advancing career development opportunities and improving quality of life in communities everywhere. EDW was created by the International Economic Development Council in 2016 and offers activities in communities large and small designed to highlight the importance of economic development and the good work that economic developers do every day. Learn more at iedconline.org.

Do You Have Your Travel ID?

The Travel ID is a nationwide TSA security change requiring a Travel ID or another form of identification of domestic travel by Oct. 1, 2020. This will require all Americans to present REAL ID-compliant identification to go through security. Compliant with the Federal REAL ID Act of 2005, the Arizona Travel ID with the embedded gold star is the credential that adds proof of identification to ensure the license or ID meets strict federal requirements. It is available as both a driver’s license and identification card. By Oct. 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will officially begin enforcing the REAL ID Act of 2005 at airports. If you don’t see a star or U.S. flag on your current driver’s license, you will need to visit your state’s DMV or make sure you have another form of accepted identification. Other forms of acceptable ID include: United States passport or passport card, U.S. military ID or DHS trusted traveler cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST). TSA’s REAL ID webpage has a full list of accepted IDs at tsa.gov/real-id and check with the DMV for specific details on how to obtain a REAL ID compliant or enhanced driver’s license at getthegoldstar.com/. FBN

By Meg Roederer

Meg Roederer is the communications specialist at Discover Flagstaff.



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