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Congressman Gosar Votes to Lower Gas Prices

Today, the House voted, with the support of U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-01), to pass H.R. 1229, the Putting the Gulf Back to Work Act, which would address rising gas prices in the state of Arizona and across the country.

Congressman Gosar went to the floor of the House to advocate on behalf of his constituents and the tourism industry in Arizona’s First Congressional District.  Gosar stressed the importance of energy independence and engaging in an “all of the above” approach that will put America back to work and bring relief to struggling families and individuals in Arizona and across the nation.

Text of Congressman Gosar’s speech:

“The people of my district are hurting.  Rising gas prices are cutting deep into family budgets.  Food prices are skyrocketing.  Communities that are home to destination locations like the Grand Canyon are already bracing themselves for fewer summer visitors because families simply cannot afford to travel.

“Main Street America can no longer afford inaction from the President and his Administration.  That is why I stand here today in support of H.R. 1229.

“This bill not only would put thousands of Americans back to work, it would increase our production of oil here at home and lower the cost of gas.

“It is time we put our country back to work and use our resources here at home- instead of abroad.  And it is time the government makes a serious commitment towards energy independence and an “all of the above” approach that America wants.”

Background Information from the Natural Resources Committee:

  • The Putting the Gulf Back to Work Act (H.R. 1229) would end the Obama Administration’s de facto moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico in a safe, responsible, transparent manner by setting firm time-lines for considering permits to drill, which provide certainty and allow employers and workers to get back on the job.



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