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Re-Roofing Your Home

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roofs until they need a new one, which is one of the main reasons you should inspect your roof before winter. Are there places where your roof appears to be sagging? Are there signs of water damage or areas where you can actually see light showing through […]

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Painting Your Home

I have a customer who repaints at least one room in her house every other year, but she’s never happy with the results. The color is all wrong once it’s on the walls, paint ends up splattering on the floor, no matter how many drop cloths she and her husband put down, and she realizes […]

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Selling Your Home

Summer in Flagstaff just cannot be beat!  We have amazing weather and lots to do here in the summer months. Attractions like the Grand Canyon bring thousands of visitors through our little town.  These visitors may turn into BUYERS! So if you are considering selling your home, now is the time to do it! Here […]

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How the Proposed PMO Could Affect Home Values

For 15 years, Art Gastelo hasn’t lived in the home he owns in Flagstaff’s Plaza Vieja neighborhood. He’s rented it for some of that time, and on several occasions, he’s tried to sell it. He’s finally found a buyer, after dropping his asking price from $150,000 to $110,000. As for profits, “I’ll be lucky if […]

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Market Changing Rapidly

Phoenix home prices are coming up. In the past 12 months, prices have risen 20 percent. We know that this typically means that Flagstaff prices will follow. Flagstaff has always been a stronger market but is tied to the rest of the state and country. This trend is projected to continue throughout the year, although […]

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Growing Food, Growing Community

Blessed with high altitude and a finicky growing season, Northern Arizona is often criticized as a frustrating place to grow food. In spite of these challenges, the City of Flagstaff and Flagstaff Foodlink are proud to celebrate the overwhelming success of the 2011 growing season. In just two community gardens, over 160 community gardeners raised […]

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