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Creating the Perfect Garden Ambiance for You

WarnersYour garden is coming into full bloom.

You’ve weeded, planted, watered and nurtured, and your reward is a beautiful oasis. Now it’s time to accessorize and create a complete garden environment that is uniquely yours.

With a few additional plants, accents or fixtures, you can create a garden ambiance perfect for enjoying solo when you want some “me time,” or ready for sharing with your family and friends when you are entertaining.

This environment will continue to reflect the atmosphere you’ve created with your plants. It all depends on the elements you add to it. You can go for Zen, whimsical, country charm, “glam garden” or fabulously ornate.

Let your imagination be your guide and extend your home décor into the great outdoors.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started.


  • Splashy (or subtle) water features: Water is the music of nature. It can be trickled over stones, cascaded from great heights to crash on rocks or meander through a path to a pool of koi and hardy water lilies. The addition of a water feature in your yard can be soothing and soulful or wild and exciting.
  • On the border: A sunny perennial border of flowers can be formal or informal, square, rectangular or round. With strategic placement and selection, plants can produce a parade of color throughout spring and fall. (Color themes can enhance your mood, too.)
  • Natural pathways: Decorative bark, pebbles and pavers will create movement and flow through your garden without disrupting your carefully planted flowers and grasses.
  • Accentuate with garden accents: Decorative birdbaths and hummingbird feeders to draw your winged friends, benches to rest on while enjoying your plants and flowers, wind chimes that dance and sing in the breeze can all augment your garden.
  • Add a theme: Theme gardens are a great way to create an environment that makes you feel like you are a world away. A Japanese Garden including elements of Zen or Feng Shui can make the space feel magical. Or ornate fountains and statues can give you a taste of Renaissance Italy.
  • At Warner’s Nursery, we specialize in creating environments. It is our hope that everyone gets a chance to connect with nature this season in the beauty of his or her own backyard, where gardening ambiance is inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable.

Remember, gardening should be a joy, not a chore. Indulge yourself and create an environment that can take away the worries of the day, and be shared with your friends and family.

Happy Gardening! FBN


By Misti Warner, Warner’s Nursery



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