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Cristy Auble Designs New Business During Pandemic

Though no one to date has proclaimed a distinct haute couture for Flagstaff, Cristy Auble of Cristy Lee Designs may have pinned it on the button with her High Boho Classic Clothing.

Incorporating a blend of denim, Arizona cotton, linen, corduroy, hand-painting intertwined with her memories from old classic movies, Auble says she hopes to bring back classy, loose-fitting fashions with a “hippy frill.”

The term “Boho” is short for bohemian and typifies a style of dress inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s.

“My brand represents a carefree, confident woman,” said Auble, who is also a fashion design and merchandising teacher at Flagstaff High School (FHS). “Our blend of fabric, patterns, colors and craftsmanship are for the woman who wants more than just an off-the-rack style.”

Auble was born in Lake Tahoe and moved to Carson Valley, Nevada, when she was 12. “My sister taught me to sew and I grew to love fashion. I would come home from school and watch old movies and dream about bringing those Coco Chanel, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ styles back.”

Drawing from Audrey Hepburn’s iconic styles, Auble said, “I like to take Hepburn’s cute fashion statement she made and blend it to the current with the new Boho twist. Classic, with hippy.”

Stating that her theme is turquoise and pearls, Auble designs her own jewelry, which also is inspired by Hepburn.

Recently Cristy Lee Designs was selected by Phoenix Fashion Week to participate in its well-recognized 2020 Emerging Designer Bootcamp, Digital Edition, as she was considered one of the top emerging designers.

“Working with Cristy has been a burst of fresh air,” said Phoenix Fashion Week Executive Director Brian Hill. “She is filling a natural void in the marketplace for that carefree woman who values classic styles, but needs a little boho chic to make it sexy and fun!  Every garment is impeccably sewn and Cristy is so sweet that you instantly want to be her friend after shopping her collection. My team and I at Phoenix Fashion Week have raised the bar pretty high for this brand and we are all excited for the future of Cristy Lee Designs,»

“We officially launched our Boho Classics brand in September at Rainbow’s End women’s clothing store in Flagstaff,” said Auble.

Also on Auble’s cutting board is a patent and trademark for a university cheerleading uniform she re-designed for her daughter. “She was always a cheerleader but her cheer uniforms were inadequate for flips. She would have to pull the skirt down. So, I designed a practical uniform, attaching the spankies to the actual skirt.”

“Patents on clothing are almost impossible to obtain,” said Auble. “My patent agent told me it would probably get kicked out of the patent office, but it did not.” Auble says she will be marketing her uniform to universities.

The Pillow Purse is another one of Auble’s brands that she has patented. ”I designed it for a friend with breast cancer. It’s a comfort purse that separates the incision from the arm.” It looks like a purse but acts like a pillow! You can remove the pillow and replace with a hot or cold pack.

Auble says that starting her business was spurred by COVID-19. “This period of time gave me a chance to sit back and ask myself what do I really want to do. I read some books that convinced me I can do anything, so I asked myself If I could do anything in this world, what would I do? Design and sell my clothing.”

Pushing her dream a bit further, Auble purchased a 16-foot vintage mobile trailer. “It’s a 1960s Airstream. I’m going to remodel it, post it on social media and blog the steps along the way so people can see the progress. I hope to have it mobile by next summer and when I’m not teaching, I’ll be on the road traveling to fairs, farmers markets and other outdoor events.”

As a teacher, Auble says she loves teaching and is very proud of her students. “They are very talented and they’re going to do amazingly well. One amazing student is heading to Arizona State University (ASU) to a new fashion program that was implemented a few years ago.”

“Cristy is one of those teachers that understands the importance of the relationships she builds with her students, knowing that to truly impact a student’s knowledge, they first must know you care,” said Flagstaff High School Principal Tony Cullen. “Her classroom, demeanor, personal correspondence and overall concern for every student’s success is what makes her a valued teacher at FHS. In her classes, no student has the option to fail, only the opportunity for success.”

With a few associate degrees under her belt, Auble attended a fashion design school in Mesa. In 2011, she and her family moved to Flagstaff where she finished up her bachelor of arts degree in strategic communication and fashion merchandising. She instructed for two years at Coconino Community College (CCC) before moving the program back to FHS.

Auble says she feels blessed and loves to give back, with 10% of the proceeds from Cristy Lee Designs donated to Flagstaff charities. For more information about Cristy Lee Designs, visit cristyleedesigns.com, comfortpurse.com or clasticcheer.com or call 928-600-2177. FBN

By V. Ronnie Tierney, FBN

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