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Deciding on the Right Boat, Barge or Big Ship

There are big ships, small ships, river boats, yachts, barges and sailboats. How do you know which one is best for you?
Our goal is to match the right person with the right experience! There are many options out there. A bad vacation is not just a waste of your hard-earned money but a waste of time, which is almost worse, right?
There are many river cruise companies out there. They cruise on the same rivers, the vessels are very similar in size but the experiences can be very different. What nationalities, age group or activity level do they cater to? How many people are actually on the ship, what are the cabin sizes? Is there adequate space in the public areas, where you will likely be spending as much if not more time than in your cabin? What is included and what is the quality?
Did you know that there are many different interest focuses on river cruises? There are now more options available than the traditional city walking tour or cheese making in Amsterdam. Special interests range from specific wine themed itineraries, to music, art, architecture and now even more active itineraries. Backroads – a hiking and biking tour company – recently joined forces with some River Cruise Companies and you can now enjoy some first rate mountain biking and/or hiking along the rivers and valleys.
The typical river cruise guest is changing as well. During the summer months, select voyages will cater specifically to families and their needs. Can you imagine a more relaxing way of showing your children the beauty of Europe without having to pack and unpack?
We even have the perfect River Cruise for Millennials! These itineraries offer different inclusions, spend more time in ports, encourage travelers to explore the local nightlife and cuisine and focus on more active and social excursions like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, silent discos, paint with wine nights and much more. If you need a cool Christmas or graduation gift for the Millennial in your life – this is the one that will keep them taking about it for years to come!
If you are a group of four to six couples, or planning a trip with only your immediate family, you should consider chartering a barge. Barges travel on the small rivers, off the beaten path away from the tourist crowds. You can choose rivers with a focus on wine, or castles or both! You have your own captain and chef and only your best friends along. This is a great way to celebrate a milestone or holiday! Just keep in mind that these barges are best reserved 18 months to two years in advance. As with everything else, the nicest ones are the ones that sell out first!

Now that you have sailed on a river ship or barge and have fallen in love with the small size boats, what is next? How about cruising the Mediterranean, Cuba or Caribbean on a 112-passenger yacht by SeaDream Yacht Club? These smaller vessels can visit ports the big ships cannot, but most importantly, they stay in these ports full days and sometimes late into the night or even overnight. This gives you a chance to truly experience these amazing places that you have come to see.

With so many choices and products, it’s hard to narrow it down to just the right match for you. That’s where we come in. Our expert travel consultants are trained to help you weed through the mass information and narrow it down to just the right product for your next adventure. We’d be honored to work with you and make sure that your financial investment, as well as your allotted vacation time gives you the best experience possible. QCBN


By Monika Leuenberger

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