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Elevate Flagstaff Minimum Wage Update

Through the citizen’s petition process, the people of Flagstaff have risen up and come together to request that the Flagstaff City Council give the voters a chance to re-consider the impact of both the local and minimum wage compounding propositions.

The citizen’s initiative action committee, Elevate Flagstaff, and it’s volunteers have acquired and submitted over 8,800 petition signatures to the city clerk today! That is 200% of the required number of signatures needed to submit a request for special election and collected in only 3 weeks.

“We are confident that the council members will recognize the will of their constituents, allow them time to fully understand what is at stake, and grant the opportunity for their voices to be heard at a
special election on May 16, 2017”, said Rand Jenkins a volunteer with Elevate Flagstaff.

A special thanks to all local Flagstaff businesses and employees in support of Elevate Flagstaff!


2 Responses to Elevate Flagstaff Minimum Wage Update

  1. Liz baldwin January 20, 2017 at 9:48 AM #

    Yes I agree with the revote , I was working OOT when signatures were collected . How can I volunteer now ? Does the group ever meet . When/ what is the next action ?
    Please let me contribute , time , money , ideas ! Where do we send financial contributions ?
    Let’s get the word out , thank you for taking a stand for small businesses.
    Liz Baldwin

  2. Molly January 22, 2017 at 1:47 PM #

    It seems pretty clear that the results of November’s election should be followed. It’s unfortunate that more people on Flagstaff seem focused on protesting the implementation of a living wage than Trump’s inauguration.

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