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Flagstaff’s Regional Plan

What is the Regional Plan and why should you care? The plan is supposed to be a blueprint of sorts for Flagstaff’s growth over the next 10 years. Most people have never heard of it (we have one now). But it can bite you or help you in ways you never expected.

The plan is being drafted now by a committee. Whether the committee represents a fair balance of all community interests has been an issue lately. By the end of the year, the committee will have a draft to present to the City Council and the County Board of Supervisors.

Why should you care? The plan can affect future projects and developments that are not even known at this time. A current example is the proposed Sno-Park on McMillan Mesa. This project happens to fit into the current regional plan. If it did not, it might be precluded by a plan made 10 years ago.

There are statements in the draft plan that may affect future funding priorities. For example, the draft currently provides that government should play a role in regard to affordable housing. Also, the draft plan states that city government is committed to “maintaining and establishing public-private partnerships.” There are many who believe government should not have a role in either.

The draft plan provides that “downtown Flagstaff will serve as the primary focal point of the community character.” Do you agree?

The draft plan also states that it is “intended to guide future land use decisions.” When reading the draft, ask yourself if your business would be allowed as it is, where it is, under this plan. Would the Arizona Snow Bowl be allowed if it were not already here? Walmart? What might be planned for your now vacant land?

The draft is 200 pages and represents a huge amount of volunteer time. You owe it to the committee, the Council, the Board of Supervisors and future businesses to give your comments and suggestions.

Once the draft is complete, it will be reviewed and possibly revised by the City Council and Board of Supervisors. It will then go back to the Committee and ultimately to a vote by the public in 2014. The Regional Plan is required by state law. FBN


Review the draft at www.flagstaff.az.gov/DocumentCenter/View/39223

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