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Hypnotherapy, Coaching: How They Work Together

Hypnotherapy: Technically, hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis therapeutically to resolve a mind-based issue. Most people know hypnosis as entertainment, “making” people quack like ducks; play imaginary instruments; be Elvis; feel as if it’s really cold, hot or their skin is crawling with ants; act like they are eating the best ice cream ever or […]

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Flagstaff Tackling Traffic Congestion

Anybody who has lived in Flagstaff for a while may well agree: driving on Milton Road during rush hour at the height of tourist season can be frustrating. The same may hold true on Highway 180 from Baderville into town during a holiday weekend in the winter when there is snow. The concerns have been […]

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Reflecting on Reasons to Love Fall in Flagstaff

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s a good time for reflection. Here are my Top 10 reasons to love fall in Flagstaff: Standing in my backyard every morning, shivering, gazing at Agassiz Peak until the sun’s first pink ray finds the summit. Driving into town and seeing the Peaks wrapped in the yellow/gold ribbon […]

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Invest in Flagstaff, Invest in Yourself

Elevation. Crisp mountain air. Seasons – you got all four. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and viewing wildlife. All the usual components of a typical great place to live. Flagstaff has a small town feel with big city perks: some of the most exceptional educational institutions that Arizona has to offer are right here in Flag. […]

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On the Grid with Bonnie Stevens

On the Grid – Flagstaff Restaurants

Flagstaff Restaurants https://soundcloud.com/user-559986867/on-the-grid-podcast-volume-4 On the Grid with Flagstaff Business News is a monthly podcast delving into timely topics and interviews with guests who help shape the local economy. Restauranteur Paul Moir joins FBN Editor and Host Bonnie Stevens to discuss SLO Restaurant Concepts – SLO meaning Sustainble, Local, Organic – and how the downtown Flagstaff […]

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LAUNCH Flagstaff to Host Town Hall in Support of Education

Nothing characterizes the health of a community as much as the opportunities for its youngest members to learn. Great teachers and schools, great libraries and museums, a wealth of engagement in cultural/artistic events and physical activities, an excitement about science, technology, engineering and math, and a network of supportive adults, provide children and young adults […]

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Coral Evans

Mayor Evans—Funding Road Maintenance

Here in Arizona, the state leverages a gasoline tax and collects fees when we register our cars. These monies are deposited into a fund known as the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF). By state statute, 49.5 percent of those funds are to be distributed to towns, cities and counties for road maintenance. However, the state […]

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Give a Slice of Flagstaff this Holiday Season

When people ask where you live and you tell them “Flagstaff” or “Northern Arizona,” how often have you heard in response, “Oh, you’re livin’ the dream!” So many of our friends and relatives who don’t live in Northern Arizona are envious of our lives here in the High Country. Those are the folks who would […]

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A Moment in Flagstaff History

One of the joys of a building that reaches back to Flagstaff’s earliest beginnings is uncovering pieces of the past. Once in a while, a guest enters the historic Weatherford Hotel with an old photograph and a story that transports us to the Old West. Jeff Dumas visited recently with this picture from the year […]

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Video Team Showcasing Flagstaff

They are aiming for a young, video-savvy audience. The team of three at 4 Flag TV wants to entertain, educate and shine the spotlight on what is going on in the community. They produce three-minute video features about activities in and around Flagstaff and some commercials for local businesses that seem more like features than […]

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