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For Coffee–Water Makes the Difference

Is your home brewed coffee strangely flavored? Ever question if all coffee made at home tastes this way? If you’ve got fresh beans, a quality brewing system, and a great burr grinder, the answer may be related to…water.

Water Flavor

There are many varieties of water available. Many spring waters have undesirable tastes, drinking water is flat, and distilled water tastes awful. All the flavors that are being tasted in water are going to influence the final flavor of brewed coffee.

The Standard

Fiji water is one of the most sought after waters in the world, simply because of its well-balanced flavor. However, the cost of importing Fiji water makes its availability for everyday use cost prohibitive for most consumers.

Balancing Act

What makes Fiji water so excellent? It has the perfect ratio of trace minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium. By simply adding minerals to your pure water (triple reverse osmosis is preferable), delicious water is always available. Imagine enjoying the taste of Fiji water at a fraction of the cost. For pennies per gallon, you can have consistently balanced water with our flavor enhancing Mineral Blend.

Start enjoying great tasting water and coffee today! FBN

For more information on precision roasted coffee and our flavor enhancing Mineral Blend, please visit or call 928-779-1053.

Anne Swanson is co-owner of It’s About Coffee: Restaurant and Coffee House located at 2620 N Steves Blvd just off E Rt 66. Full breakfast and lunch menu for dine in or take out. New hours: 6:00 a.m. Mon.-Sat., with the last food order taken at 2:00 p.m. Over 30 varieties of retail coffees available, including fair trade organic, swiss water process decafs, 100% Kona, and 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain; all locally roasted.


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