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Governor Updates Fire Strategy

Governor Jan Brewer spoke with President Barak Obama about the Wallow Fire and firefighting efforts.  She also did an another ariel tour of eastern Arizona.

Brewer is announcing, per the issuance of the Emergency declaration and guidance, the Arizona National Guard has taken all necessary action to support fire crews in their efforts to contain the wildfires raging in Arizona.

“The Arizona National Guard has the resources in place and remains ready to deploy additional troops at a moment’s notice should law enforcement and emergency personnel request assistance,” said Governor Brewer. “I’d like to thank the Adjutant General, Major General Hugo Salazar, for taking the necessary steps needed to prepare his troops for this emergency.”

The Arizona National Guard is currently supporting fire crews with three National Guard fuel tanker trucks and associated personnel. In addition, it is staging 55 National Guard personnel equipped with 20 palletized load system trucks from the 1404th Transportation Company in the Show Low armory. These personnel will be strategically positioned to provide prompt response for any logistical and transportation support requests, and will be in place late Thursday afternoon.

Although the Guard has not received requests for security support at this time, it has two 40-person platoons of Military Police ready to respond within 24 hours. It will coordinate with the Apache County Sheriff’s office as necessary to anticipate any requests to provide assistance to the sheriff.


In addition to fire-related support in Arizona, the Arizona National Guard also has more than 322 soldiers and airmen serving in Operation Copper Cactus, the federal Southwest border mission. The Guard also has 130 members serving in the Guard’s Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force.

PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer spoke with President Obama this morning regarding the devastating wildfires raging in Arizona. The President voiced his concerns for the residents of the areas affected by the wildfires and promised to provide as much federal support as needed to protect life, limb and property.

“The President pledged to provide all federal resources necessary to the state of Arizona in the battle to contain the wildfires raging throughout the state,” said Governor Brewer. “The fires are a top federal responsibility and I was assured he will do everything in his power to guarantee Arizona has federal assistance in the continued fight to protect our state from this disaster.”

Governor Brewer discussed with the President the concern of resident reports she has been receiving regarding the delayed flow of information from federal disaster officials. The President told Governor Brewer he will work with federal officials to help iron out any problems related to a lack or delay of communication.


The Governor also spoke briefly with Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano yesterday, and during the conversation, the Secretary guaranteed assistance from the federal government the resources needed to the state of Arizona.

“The health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Arizona are of the utmost concern,” said Governor Brewer. “I would like to thank all those who are risking their lives and working around the clock to protect the residents of Arizona. On behalf of the State of Arizona, our thoughts and prayers are with all those suffering from this disaster.”






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