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Holiday Marketing Tips for Business Owners

With the calendar year coming to a close, many businesses are focused on finishing the year with robust sales. And with the holiday season in full swing, here are some timely marketing opportunities that you can leverage right now to help give your sales a year-end boost or to start the new year with a bang.


Say ‘Thank You’  

Now is the perfect time to show your customers your appreciation for choosing to do business with you. One way to express your gratitude is to send them a year-end “thank you” direct mail postcard that offers a discount or a credit toward their next purchase. Because this is a reward, be sure to keep the offer simple, without any strings attached. Recipients will be happy to save a little something, which increases their likelihood to act on it and revisit your business.


Send a Custom Holiday Greeting Card
It’s not too late to have holiday greeting cards designed, customized, printed and mailed to your customers. Imprinting your logo directly on your cards is a great way to reinforce your brand. And for an extra special touch, include a handwritten message to your customers. If you don’t think you can pull off the mailing before the end of the year, this gesture is every bit as meaningful when you reframe the card as a wish for success in the New Year. International Minute Press can even help with prepping and sending out the cards for you.

Create Branded Promotional Items as a Seasonal Give-Away
‘Tis the season of giving, and promotional products are the perfect way for business owners to say thanks while also increasing their brand awareness. There are quite literally thousands of promotional items that can be produced specifically for your business – from calendars and candy tins, to custom branded apparel and mobile phone power banks. No matter which items you choose, this can be a great way to show gratitude while also creating a more favorable impression of your brand.

Pro Tip

Now is the perfect time to send custom printed edible items to your colleagues and customers. Tasty treats such as chocolates, individually wrapped candies, mints and popcorn tins are a delicious way to show your colleagues and customers that you care. Bring branded edible items to your networking events or dish them out to your clients at meetings and you will be sure to make a lasting impression.

The team at International Minute Press is passionate about helping others plan and execute their marketing and promotional efforts in #TheModernPrintingIndustry. With the ability to produce pretty much anything you want to put your name or logo on, IMP will help you with all your printing, graphic design and promotional needs. FBN

By Tracie Hansen

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