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Introducing Flagstaff Local: A Resident-Centered Free Program

Flagstaff Local is a new community movement encouraging and celebrating residents that complete actions in the Flagstaff city limits supporting the following pillars: shop, volunteer, be eco-friendly, donate, support education, mentor and vote. Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans said, “Local decisions make a difference in Flagstaff and supporting our community through our actions is an integral part of our Flagstaff culture improving quality of life for all.”

Flagstaff residents accomplish great things every single day. This program rewards those actions and it begins with an easy one, two, three sign-up process:

  1. Log in to flagstafflocal.com, hover on the “hamburger” icon in the upper left corner, click “take action.”
  2. Enter first and last names, email address, password.
  3. Hit return – process completed.

Once a login has been established, residents then record their support of a pillar by uploading receipts or photos confirming support within the pillar. Multiple actions can be recorded in a single website visit. Some examples of actions include:

Be eco-friendly: Purchase sustainable products, re-use and recycle, pick up trash when walking or hiking, work with sustainability organizations on how to make your home or office eco-friendlier, choose to bike, carpool or take the bus.

Shop Flagstaff: Learn about local businesses and get to know the community members who work there, use local services, bank locally and support restaurants that source part or all of their products locally.

Support education: Volunteer in a classroom or a lunchroom, serve as a chaperone on a school field trip or assist in a technology lab, and encourage students to utilize library resources.

Vote: Register to vote, educate yourself about the candidates and issues, cast your vote in person or by mail.

Flagstafflocal.com is a secured website and there will be no selling of information.

Choosing to shop Flagstaff has many benefits to residents. For instance, a local purchase generates revenue that helps support parks and recreation, public safety, workforce and much more. Specifically, purchasing a cup of coffee from a neighborhood coffee house or a vehicle from a Flagstaff dealership directly results in collected taxes, providing for better Flagstaff parks, beautification programs and much more.

When residents engage and take part, it makes a difference and connects everyday actions with what is loved about Flagstaff and living here. Flagstaff Citizen of the Year and volunteer Gene Munger said, “My most rewarding time is reading to young children at our local schools and if you have that opportunity, it will change your life forever.”

Aside from the feeling of doing good and making good things happen, residents will also have opportunities to win rewards:

The first 300 locals who sign up and log 20 points of actions will receive a free June 6, 2020, Hullabaloo ticket.

Prizes vary and can include chances to win running shoes, event tickets, gift certificates and more

Three grand prizes will be awarded June 2020 that include a pair of bikes and office equipment provided by Pepsi, Flag Bike Revolution and Quality Connections.

Earning points exclusively supports businesses and organizations within Flagstaff city limits. “It’s more than the prizes, it’s about the feeling you get when giving back to the community and that actions do matter,” said City of Flagstaff Economic Vitality Director Heidi Hansen. “You love Flagstaff. We love Flagstaff. Let’s come together, share our actions and be the city where people continue to visit, discover, grow and thrive. This is a movement where our community shares and works toward common goals for stronger outcomes.”

To qualify, residents must live within the Flagstaff Unified School District boundary and actions must occur within Flagstaff city limits. For additional details, visit flagstafflocal.com, click on Frequently Asked Questions, which includes a boundary map link. Flagstaff Local – My Actions Matter – began Nov. 21, and concludes May 31, 2020.

Flagstaff Local – My Actions Matter is brought to you by the City of Flagstaff and our partners to highlight the importance of keeping our collective actions local. FBN



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