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Navajo Nation Expands Gaming Board

987C0425.CR2Derrick Watchman, CEO of The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise (Navajo Gaming) is pleased to announce an expanded board of directors was selected and approved to oversee Navajo Gaming. The new, larger board elected Martha L. King as Chairperson by unanimous vote.


“The depth of experience and caliber of individuals serving on our expanded board will greatly benefit Navajo Gaming’s future growth,” stated Derrick Watchman, CEO of Navajo Gaming. “The board is critical to moving our mission forward as we work to provide more jobs for Navajos, return additional revenue to the Nation and further strengthen our Navajo Gaming and Hospitality brand.”


The business and affairs of Navajo Gaming are overseen by King and her fellow board members. Four new board members were nominated by the President of the Navajo Nation and confirmed by the Navajo Nation Council. The new board members join existing board members King, Martin Lieberman and Danielle Her Many Horses in establishing overall policies and objectives for the management of the affairs and assets of Navajo Gaming and for periodic review and evaluation of management results.


The new board members include:

  • Tamarah Begay
  • Quincy Natay
  • Leah Claw
  • Kristina Haskell


The nine-member board of directors, which currently has seven appointed, is comprised of one member from each of the five Navajo agencies, one Certified Public Accountant (CPA), one Juris Doctorate and one member with gaming management experience. Danielle Her Many Horses currently serves as Vice Chairperson and Kristina Haskell serves as Secretary/Treasurer.


“As Navajo Gaming advances, we as the board of directors remain steadfast in our desire to build upon the foundation that is already in place, said King. “As a board we are dedicated to improving the Navajo economy by providing competitive job and educational opportunities to all Navajo Gaming employees. A healthy Navajo economy is a win-win situation for Navajo people, the Navajo Nation, the states and local communities.”


King, a partner with Fredericks Peebles & Morgan LLP, practices in the areas of federal Indian law, gaming, civil litigation, real property, contracts, economic development, business site leasing, municipal law, sovereignty law, local governance, capital improvement and land use planning as well as transportation law.


King has also worked on business-related issues including assisting the Economic Development Committee in overseeing the Nation’s 12 enterprises, evaluating the enterprises’ plans of operation or charters, streamlining the Nation’s business site leasing process, evaluating business opportunities and contracting.


Navajo Gaming operates three casinos in New Mexico and a four-diamond resort casino in Flagstaff, Arizona. It currently employs 1,400 people, 85 percent of which are Navajo. Additionally, Navajo Gaming has paid more than $125,000,000 in salary and benefits to its employees. These funds directly benefit hundreds of families living on the Navajo reservation and bring stability to the Nation.


To learn more about Navajo Gaming’s properties visit Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort at www.twinarrows.com, Fire Rock Navajo Casino at www.firerocknavajocasino.com, Northern Edge Navajo Casino atwww.northernedgenavajocasino.com or Flowing Water Navajo Casino at www.flowingwaternavajocasino.com



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