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Northern Arizona Home to New AntiVenom Company

Northern Arizona is now  home to a new bioscience company developing antivenoms against Arizona’s common venomous animals.  The new company, BioVeteria Life Sciences LLC (BioVeteria,) has chosen Prescott as a home base for their veterinary operations.  They have active rattlesnake and scorpion antivenin programs underway.

A news release says BioVeteria’s presence further strengthens Arizona’s growing bioscience and comparative research programs.  BioVeteria Animal Health, LLC has started funding research programs in the state and has hired numerous contract personnel.

Dr. Craig Woods, a research veterinarian and BioVeteria’s general manager, says BioVeteria chose to establish headquarters in Arizona because of the strong comparative antivenin research underway in the state. “In addition, Arizona represents the epicenter for venomous snakebites in pets, therefore giving our team the ability to directly assist in treating dogs.”

BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC conducts a significant portion of their research and development in Arizona at various labs and veterinary specialty hospitals.  “Veterinarians treat about 25 times more venomous snakebites compared to physicians, so the veterinary market need for antivenom is substantial,” added Woods.  “I have seen first hand the significant benefit of this new antivenom for dogs, and am excited to be part of such a needed program from veterinary medicine.”

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of dogs are bitten by rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other pit vipers in the United States each year.  Many of these dogs require antivenom to avoid severe complications or death.  Currently, there is only one approved antivenom for veterinary medicine so the market opportunity for additional antivenoms is substantial.

BioVeteria is a biopharmaceutical company located in Prescott, AZ and is developing F(ab’)2 antivenoms for pit viper, coral snake, scorpion and spider envenomation for veterinary medicine.  BioVeteria is also advancing veterinary diagnostics and additional therapeutic products for high demand indications including veterinary orthopedics, critical care, and ophthalmology.  For more information: www.BioVeteria.com


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