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Deploy Planes to Provide Critical Humanitarian Aid to Navajo and Hopi Families

In an unprecedented move for Air Serv International, which normally conducts humanitarian relief efforts overseas, the organization is partnering with the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund (Relief Fund) to transport critical humanitarian relief items by plane to remote Navajo and Hopi communities to help residents combat their fight against COVID-19. Since inception, Navajo […]

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Free Powerful HR, Employee Benefits Technology Available

Let’s face it: All businesses want to simplify HR, payroll and benefits. After all, human resources really means “HUMAN” resources – hiring, training and managing the people factor of a business. Until recently, businesses that wanted a fully integrated HR, payroll and employee benefit technology solution migrated to national payroll companies that offered these bundled […]

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Taking Precautions, Focusing on Now

This is a time of extreme stress for many people. In the news, every day for months, there’s the COVID-19 virus, illness, death, economic and financial collapse, social and political unrest, and isolation. On a day-to-day basis, almost everyone’s life has been disrupted. Many worries are about the future, things that haven’t happened yet. Some […]

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Gaining Perspective on Cancer Care

“You have cancer.” Not only is this news difficult to receive, but it’s difficult to deliver. There they are: two people in an office, one with news to give and one with news to receive, two people occupying the same space and time, within the same moment, both under duress (it is stressful to deliver […]

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DuPrez, Back

Forming Healthy Habits for Sustainable Recovery 

Most of the men who come into treatment are there because their lives have become unmanageable and are in dire need of structure. The carefully designed schedule of Back2Basics mirrors that of a balanced lifestyle, focusing on the discipline required to accomplish the tasks needed to maintain a healthy existence. Creating and adhering to a […]

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Paulsrud, Core, Russ Lyon

There’s No Place Like Home, Especially Now

A message from Freddi: The world is struggling right now to find its balance. Stepping into a grocery store or walking down a crowded street are activities for which we are told to mask up and keep our distance. No longer are we to hug our friends when we see them walking past or invite the […]

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How to Water Well

Here is a scene that plays out pretty frequently at the nursery: A gardener comes in to ask about his or her dying outdoor garden – trees, shrubs, veggies or flowerbeds. In the course of conversation, it will become apparent that the problem is the plants simply aren’t getting enough water. The gardener is shocked. […]

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Are You Ready to Hit the Road?

We are so lucky to live in the beautiful Southwest. Surrounded by diverse landscapes, charming towns, beautiful National Parks and even beaches that are within driving distance if you are up for a road trip! The recent COVID-19 outbreak has put a stop to most of our travel plans for the spring, but if you […]

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