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Cold March Winds Beg for Hot Stone Massage

No doubt. March weather has its mood swings – it can be warm, it can be cold; it can be sunny, it can be snowy; it can be unseasonably warm; it can be bitter cold. However, the most noticeable and consistent weather factor in March seems to be the strong winds. The promise of spring […]

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Eric Moore Headshot

Spring Migration is Right Around the Corner   

The annual phenomenon of bird migration is right around the corner. Each spring, millions and millions of birds move north from their winter range in the tropics to exploit the long summer days we enjoy here in North America. Arizona is uniquely positioned to witness a lot of this migration activity because of the geographical […]

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Bonnie Stevens

When Bad People Happen to Good Jobs

My mom once told me, “Nature’s laws are God’s laws, and they must be followed.” In her wisdom, she recognized the need to respect and adhere to the forces that aren’t going to change one iota – like gravity. One of my favorites is balance. This Law of Nature is demonstrated everywhere in the Universe: […]

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Honoring the Power of ATHENA

Colleen A. Smith, Ph.D., believes it’s extremely important to support women in their professional interests and career choices, especially in male-dominated fields. “This support demonstrates to our society that there are options for women that both women and men may have never considered possible until they see women succeeding in these areas. We need to […]

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Can Sugar Water Ease Your Pain?

I know, I know. It sounds very odd to think that sugar water can help with pain and strength, right? The sugar water I’m talking about is dextrose and it can help with musculoskeletal pain as well as nerve pain. With more and more people seeking non-opioid options for pain relief, it’s worth exploring the […]

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Making Space for Creations

Giving children the freedom to walk into a toy store and play freely with anything they choose is a good mental picture of what Tynkertopia is. Except, in this innovative setting, they create the toys. With shelves stocked with colorful materials and objects of various sizes and forms, Tynkertopia welcomes children of all ages to […]

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John Livesay

Making Memories with Mahomes, Momoa and Murray

The much-anticipated Super Bowl LIV did not disappoint, as more than 100 million viewers watched two American favorites compete. We’re talking, of course, about rapper Lil Nas and actor Sam Elliot staging a dance off in the Old West for all the chips, the Doritos chips. So, was it a surprise that Lil Nas won? […]

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Pet Sitting Isn’t Just About Dogs and Cats

Pet sitting is not exclusive to just dogs and cats anymore. Horses, pigs, chickens, steers and even snakes have made the non-traditional list of pet sitting, according to Teresa Green, owner of Duke’s Pet Lodge. With a staff of five and a vision to expand to Sedona and Prescott areas in the next two years, […]

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Golden Dragon Restaurant Attracting New Attention

It had been at least 12 years since Kevan Hegg dropped into Golden Dragon for lunch, but upon urging from a friend and news that the restaurant had new ownership, he thought he would give it another try. “The place was buzzing with good energy,” said Hegg, of Hensley Beverage Company. “Most tables were taken and […]

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It’s Only a Test

It’s March and for many students and their families, it is the season of midterms and Spring Break. Test anxiety is in the air. A worried student may say, “I hope I don’t fail this test.” The problem is that the subconscious doesn’t process language well but does work with actions, senses, feelings and images. […]

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