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Reducing the Risk of Wildfire with Forest Restoration Efforts

With the Museum Fire threatening East Flagstaff and the Timberline areas as this article is being written, it reminds us of the ever-increasing threat of catastrophic wildfire and post-wildfire flooding. Coconino County has created a Forest Restoration Initiative in recognition that the most effective way to reduce these threats is through thinning the forest. In […]

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Bonnie Stevens

Ping Pong and Other Camera-Ready Tips

For $16.99, Amazon will sell you a set of four ping pong paddles and six ping pong balls. If you knew that an investment of roughly $17 could make the difference in a lasting impression, would you pay the price? Sometimes, that’s all it takes. In the waterways of the Gulf Islands off Vancouver Island, […]

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Working Together for Common Goals

We are emerging from an historic summer in Flagstaff, which includes celebrating the contributions of hundreds of thousands of innovative and creative people who helped put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. Though it took place 50 years ago and a quarter million miles away from Earth, the Moon landing is woven into […]

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Protecting Pets, Humans from Deadly Rabies

Rabies is a viral disease that can infect any mammal. Regardless of where the virus enters the body, it slowly invades the central nervous system and eventually the brain. With a few rare exceptions, the disease is fatal. August is Rabies Awareness Month, so please take a moment to learn more about this contagious virus […]

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Randolph Back to Basics

Understanding the Importance of Nutrition During Recovery

A balanced diet is essential for the body and the brain to function normally. Unfortunately, most Americans do not receive proper nutrition education, and have difficulty consistently eating a well-rounded diet of nutritious, whole foods. Now, imagine that you not only do not know the information, but you also struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD). Individuals who suffer […]

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Houseplants: Good for Your Physical, Mental Health

If you think you’ve seen more philodendrons, orchids, succulents, snake plants, pothos and fiddle-leaf figs inside homes, offices and social media feeds, you aren’t imagining things. Demand for indoor plants and a chance to bring a little bit of nature inside our walls is a growing trend. In fact, in response to the renewed interest […]

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Keeping the Driving Mind Focused

In Flagstaff, on July 27, a brand-new Subaru was given away in a raffle. The price of the entry? Just pledging not to text and drive. This was the third year the “It Can Wait NAZ” program has given away a car and other prizes to encourage people not to text and drive. It is […]

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Pre-Med Student Finds Career in Accounting

“I started with an office as big as this desk,” said Christina Talley with a smile. She sat at an expansive executive desk in her corner office that overlooks Flagstaff from San Francisco Street and Dale. Last December, the CPA moved her business, Christina R. Talley CPA PLLC, into the two-story building that the firm […]

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