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Why Bring Naturopathic Oncology to Flagstaff? 

Picture in your mind what you think of as a typical person diagnosed with cancer. Did you think of someone who is barely holding on to life, skin and bones, and a pale shadow of that individual’s former self?  We’d like to change that image.  What it means to be diagnosed with cancer in 2019 […]

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Understanding Addiction as a Brain Disease  

The mere fact that relapse is more common than uncommon sheds light on how difficult it truly is to break addiction. No one enters rehabilitation with the intention to fail; rather, they enter a treatment program hoping in their heart they can stop using for good. The problem with this approach is that addiction doesn’t […]

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Preparing Your Home to Sell  

Spring is in the air! The real estate market is beginning to warm up. Many home sellers are embarking on the daunting task of prepping their home for a spring/summer sale. Traditionally, these warmer months bring increased energy to the Flagstaff real estate market. According to NAAR’s 2019 Profile of Home Staging, “When staging a […]

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How Elevating Animal Welfare Benefits the Community

When High Country Humane (HCH) was awarded the contract to start providing animal shelter services for the city and the county, it came with a clear mandate to provide a high level of care for the companion animals in our community. Based on input from the community, the city and county had recognized the need […]

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Dentistry for the New Mom and Dad

My wife and I are having our first baby very soon, and I know that I’ll be looking for all kinds of answers to help me along the way in raising my little girl to be as healthy and strong as she possibly can be. I will look to others for guidance and answers as […]

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Sleep: The Wonder Drug

Greater than any pill, tonic or fad diet is the power of sleep to heal. Essential and often elusive, adequate, restful sleep plays a vital role in securing lifelong health. Influencing hormones and immune function, sleep has a ripple effect of consequences that impacts nearly every aspect of our physiology. Persistently poor sleep leaves us […]

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Recognizing, Treating Brain Injuries

The human brain is an extraordinary and complex organ. It is responsible for our ability to think, feel, process information, concentrate, make decisions and experience emotions. It is responsible for our ability to walk, talk, eat, draw, write and sleep. It coordinates – without us even knowing it is happening – our breathing, heartbeat, organ […]

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Top Trends in the Changing Workplace

The workplace is constantly evolving. Despite the maxim “the only constant is change,” change is something that continues to catch many of us off guard. Many teams are keeping up with the top three trends. Challenging traditional structures is a hot topic; modern workplaces are creating flexibility with scheduling and remote options. Work-life balance is […]

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