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Healing Foot Pain Through Massage

Many people live in northern Arizona for the outdoor lifestyle it provides. The outdoor lifestyle typically involves movement – hiking with the family dog through groves of oaks and pines, mountain biking, running or jogging on trails and streets, and snow sports. Needless to say, the feet can put in some work. But a painful […]

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Focusing on What You Want

When someone is told, “Don’t think of a white elephant,” usually, they visualize a white elephant. The reason is that while the conscious mind is great at language, the subconscious is not. The conscious mind works with logic, symbols, letters, numbers, language and math. The subconscious mind works with images, senses, emotions and the physical […]

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Karon LynnAudio

Understanding the Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Hearing Loss

Sleep apnea is a common disorder and, according to the National Sleep Foundation, it affects about 18 million Americans. Most of us think of sleep apnea as snoring with periodic gasping or “snorting” noises. This seemingly innocent annoyance interrupts sleep and can cause excessive daytime fatigue and other symptoms such as generalized inflammation, cardiovascular and […]

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Bob Baker

Grand Canyon Railway General Manager: A Man in Motion

A sign posted on the wall of the Grand Canyon Railway locomotive shop states, “Expect movement on any tracks from any direction…at any time.”  Though a good reminder for engineers and mechanics working on the trains, the advice spells out sage wisdom for Bob Baker’s position as general manager of train operations as well. With […]

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Barney Helmick

Now Flying to Dallas, Denver, Phoenix

Yes, you can now fly from Flagstaff to Dallas, Denver or Phoenix non-stop, every day of the week. You also have your choice of American Airlines or United Airlines. Both offer daily non-stop service from Flagstaff to the world. United Airlines began serving Flagstaff for the first time on March 31. The first month’s stats […]

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plan, paper, pencil, desk, money

Updating County Community Development Plans

Coconino County Community Development has been working to update the county subdivision ordinance, the county zoning ordinance and community area plans. Community development staff, with the assistance of a consultant, completed a draft update to the county subdivision ordinance, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 21. This two-year project had significant […]

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Coral Evans

Addressing Issues Through Public Service

My family goes back four generations in Northern Arizona. Originally from Louisiana, they came to Flagstaff by way of McNary, when my grandfather found out that he could make three cents more an hour at one of the sawmills here. My daughter, Destiney, and I still live in the family home he built. I first […]

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