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Putting Your Business Cards to Good Use

While it’s true that much of our society is rooted in the digital realm, printed business cards still pack a powerful punch. Before you dismiss the effectiveness of a good business card, here are several reasons why it’s important to always keep yours on hand.

People can be forgetful.

Have you ever left a business or networking function and realized you forgot the name of someone with whom you had a conversation? You wouldn’t be the only one. This can be awkward, especially if you discussed working together in the future. To prevent an embarrassing follow-up or potential lost business, always leave people with your business card and make sure to ask for theirs. Then you’ll each have the information you need to continue your conversation at a later time.

Business cards put a face to a business.

When you meet someone new, hand them your business card. Even if they don’t think they currently need your services, they’ll have something to reference when the time is right. Your card is a tangible reminder of the interaction they had with you, lending credibility to you and your work. And since people want to work with those they trust, your business card can be a gateway into new business relationships.

Business cards are lasting.

When someone places your business card in their wallet or on their desk, it’s going to stay there until they move it. They’ll often look at it more than once, which is great for reinforcing your brand recognition—and hopefully generating a new client or sale.

Business cards reinforce your reputation.

People tend to place a lot of trust in print materials like business cards. Bringing yours to a meeting or event tells others you belong there, and it brings legitimacy to your role.

Business cards make an impression.

There are a lot of creative ways to make a striking first impression with your business card. Add sparkle with a glitter color core stock, be original with shaped business cards, or add unique finishes like spot gloss, foil or texture. I recently started handing out my own die-cut, painted edge business cards, and they consistently spark conversation and inquiries from those to whom I have given them. It’s been a very effective way to demonstrate how creativity can make you really stand out.

Business cards remain highly relevant in the business world. Rather than leaving yours tucked in a box in your desk drawer, take the time and make the effort to circulate them widely. And if you’re ready to reinvent your business card presence, your local print shop can provide samples and offer suggestions for making your cards effective and memorable. FBN

By Tracie Hansen

Tracie Hansen and the team at International Minute Press are passionate about helping others plan and execute their marketing and promotional efforts in #TheModernPrintingIndustry. With the ability to produce pretty much
anything you want to put your name or logo on, IMP will help you with all your printing, graphic design and promotional needs.


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