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Saving Money on your APS Bill

Glowing LED bulb and simple light bulbs

Find Ways to Save

You can find different money-saving options for your energy bill year-round and have access to resources to help you pay your bill in times of need.

Finding ways to save money on your energy bill has never been easier. Just visit aps.com/save to explore all our savings tools, plans, tips and assistance programs.

Here are some other useful tips:

Don’t Let the Heat Escape – Caulk around doors, windows, sill plates and anywhere outside cold air might enter the home.

Take the Energy Analyzer Survey – It only takes five minutes to get a customized plan to save energy and money. Check it out at aps.com/ea.

Switch to LEDs –  Save an average of $140 in lighting costs over the lifetime of each bulb. LED bulbs last at least 15 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Turn Off and Unplug Appliances –  Appliances draw energy when they’re plugged in, even when not in use. Not using your coffeemaker overnight? Unplug it to save money.

Find Helpful Resources in Time of Need

If you or someone you know needs assistance paying their energy bill, check out our assistance programs:

With APS’s Energy Support Program, eligible limited-income customers can apply to receive a 25 percent bill discount on their monthly energy bill.

If you know someone who lives alone or relies on a support network, help them sign up for Safety Net. They can designate a partner to receive a copy of their bill and help prevent unnecessary disruption of electric service.

APS offers the Energy Support with Medical Program, which gives a 35 percent discount each month for qualified customers who have a life-threatening illness or use essential life-sustaining medical equipment that has a critical need for electricity.

The Crisis Bill Assistance Program provides support to customers facing an unexpected financial hardship such as a medical expense or losing a job. An APS customer can receive up to $400 in bill assistance annually. Dial 2-1-1 or visit 211arizona.org to see if you are eligible.


If you or someone you know is struggling to pay their bill, contact the APS customer care center between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays at 602-371-7171 (800-253-9405).

For more ways to save and information on these and additional available resources, visit aps.com/support. FBN

By Janet Dean

Janet Dean is the community affairs manager for APS.



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