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Sedona’s New Age Businesses Form Cornerstone

Think of Sedona and the first thing that comes to mind is its spectacu- lar red rocks. The second thing is probably the spiritual and metaphysical side to this pretty little city of a just over 10,000.

Sedona, by some, is considered the psychic capital of the world and sup- ports many new age businesses – from astrologers, to aura readers, to intuitives, to guided tours of the famous vortexes that are believed to enhance the powers of prayer, healing and meditation

In fact, there are no fewer than 80 businesses catering to the spiritual side of Sedona. Jennifer Wesselhoff, president and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, said about 10 percent of its 1,000 members are spiritual and metaphysical- related businesses and she does not know how many others are out there who are not involved in the Chamber.

She said these businesses play an im- portant role in the community in that they help diversify the products and attractions offered in Sedona.

“People feel something special when they are here. Those [businesses] help people realize what that special feeling is, whether it is the beauty that surrounds us or more of an energy or experience.”

Wesselhoff says that if someone does not feel something when they are in Sedona, they are in the minority.

Among the metaphysical and spiritual businesses is Angels of Enlightenment, a family-run business. Co-owner Shane Niewolny says they provide a number of services, including intuitive readings, energy healings, aura photography and tours of the famous vortexes. Their client base is a group of repeat customers and people who are interested in metaphysical energy and want to expand their knowledge of it though workshops offered by the family. If they are interested, Niewolny said he will take clients on tours to the vortexes. If they cannot feel the energy themselves, he will help them and teach them how. The business also has a client base in Tokyo where a business called Natural Spirits calls on Niewolny (and brother-in- law Brian Schider) to travel to Japan and give readings. Niewolny said Schider is very talented in the healing arts, and has started writing a book on the subject.

Ray Holley and Linda Deir can’t tell you winning lottery numbers, but they say than can provide people with a heads up when it comes to what will be happening in the future.

“What we do is predict the news before it happens in our Channeled Readings Report,” said Deir. “We are the Nostradamus of the news.”

The couple said it is their mission to provide the information before it happens, so their clients don’t “get run over by the train that is about to come,” which allows them to position themselves to avoid damage to their lives and finances, said Deir.

Their monthly news reports, which come from “higher powers,” center on 14 topics, including Real Estate, technology, world events, terrorists, the stock market, the global economy, sports, crime and personal improve-ment.

“By the time you get news [in the traditional ways], it’s already hap- pened. It’s history. This is news you can use before it happens,” Holley said.

The two, both longtime Sedona residents, contact these higher powers, a collection of experts on each topic, by using a talking board which is marked with letters and numbers. The messages are spelled out exactly as the higher powers convey, and then verbalized by the couple.

About 600 people subscribe to the service and they are mostly men ages 30 to 55.

Sedona resident Candace Czarny, a happy subscriber, said it helps her make better decisions in the present knowing what will take place in the future.

For instance, she bought gold when it was selling low a few years ago.

“I made a lot of money based on that decision,” she said. ”The key is because I know what’s coming, I don’t make bad decisions anymore.” FBN

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