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 Flagstaff Business News  caught up with Sarah Guida Steen recently, to learn more about Guida Woodworks Inc. of Flagstaff.  She described the business itself and what the future may hold for the company.  Guida Steen says locals can buy quality products directly from them which is a method of keeping consumer costs lower.

 FBN:   How did you decide to work for Guida Woodworks?

Guida Steen:  Guida Woodworks, Inc. is my families business.  My father Joe Guida started the company in Southern California in 1980.   When my family moved to Flagstaff in 1989 Guida Woodworks was located in Koch field.  In 1999 we built a new shop in the Rio De Flag Business Park.  Upon returning to Flagstaff after college my husband Mike and I realized that we wanted to learn and continue the family business.  We are proud to say that Guida Woodworks is still a family owned and operated business offering its customers a truly locally quality made product.


FBN:  What would people find surprising about your business?

Guida Steen:  People are often surprised that there is a well equipped custom hardwood milling shop located in Flagstaff.  Capable a manufacturing a wide variety of building products such as:

Hardwood Flooring

Custom and Stock moulding

Stair Parts

Curved moulding

Interior and Exterior Doors

Cabinet doors


It also surprises people that our prices are very competitive, and that we sell not only to contractors but also directly to the public.  We often explain that when you buy a product from us you are buying directly from the manufacturer, which helps keep costs down.   We also keep our prices competitive by purchasing our lumber mill direct.  One of the most surprising aspects of our business is that we only sell products that we make.  We control the entire manufacturing process, from product design, to knife grinding to completion, with no outsourcing.


FBN:  What are the biggest challenges for Guida Woodworks, Inc. ?

Guida Steen:  The biggest challenges our company faces are weathering the current economic conditions, and making homeowners, builders and designers aware that we are here.  Operating in a relatively small market also presents other challenges.  Competing against low quality building components and materials is a challenge we face often.


FBN:  How do you see your business evolving during the next five years?

Guida Steen:  We see our business improving as the economy improves.  As more people become aware of our product line we envision flooring becoming a larger percentage of our business.  We foresee designers, builders and homeowners relying on Guida Woodworks to provide them with their home finish components.  We are also hoping to expand our current market.


FBN:  What are you most proud of with Guida Woodworks Inc. ?

 Guida Steen: We are proud that the products we manufacture are built to a high standard of woodworking traditions.  We may offer an alternative method but we will not downgrade the overall quality of the product.  Our products will enhance the value of your home and will last for the life of the home.  For photos of our work please come by our shop or visit our website.

More information is available at www.guidawoodworks.com or by calling (928) 226-9718.  Guida Woodworks, Inc., 449 South River Run Road, Flagstaff, AZ.  86001




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